Crysis 2 DLC Powered By GameSpy In-Game or Web For PC

Crytek has launched its first DLC for Crysis 2 – Retaliation Map pack – and interestingly the DLC is being released for PC gamers in an interesting way. With the use of tools provided to them by GameSpy Technology, which allows them to sell DLC both within the PC game (so users don’t have to quit out) as well as on their website. At the same time, gamers can now buy full versions of Crytek’s games from the Crytek site.

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BeastlyRig2767d ago

I hate punk buster it kicks me out of Bf2 games cuz of some drivers!

bumnut2767d ago

Are you playing the Steam version? if so disable the ingame community/friends function, that will fix it.

trancefreak2767d ago

Stupid game made me reactivate to play today on my pc. I haven't made any changes and I have been playing the game a little here and there.

I wont be buying any map packs! the point beyond a 60 dollar broken game I dont pay 60 plus more for map packs on pc. NOpe.

The pc version is dumbed down and doesn't even have any mod tools. screw u crysuk!!!!!