Gamers Want Uncharted on Xbox 360 and an End to Exclusives

Gameplay Today explains why exclusives only hurt gamers and breaks down the walls that separate those who own only one system by showing that it all boils down to us loving games, not systems.

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VG_Releaser2295d ago

i agree that it would be nice to have these games available to everyone, but then where is the competition? multiplatform games feel watered down.

marinelife92295d ago

Then they shouldn't "exclusively" own only an xbox.

RankFTW2295d ago

Well said, console exclusives are a great way of pushing a single console to its limits not like multiplats, ofc a few exceptions exist like Crysis 2 and from the look of it Rage.

zootang2295d ago

First thing, it can't be done on an Xbox360 because of storage limitations.

Washington-Capitals2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Im not going to sit here and argue with fanboys. PS3 exclusives are great, but dont start with the "multiplatform games are water downed" bullshit. I only own a ps3 and although MGS4 is the best game i have ever played. Some of my other all time favourites include Red Dead Redemption, Fallout 3 and Call of Duty 4. All of those games are NOT water downed products. Exclusives might have graphical edge but thats not what i look for in a game, its gameplay and GOOD gameplay is NOT exclusive to any console.

ilikestuff2295d ago

agreed marinelife9

there needs to be exclusives not just for competition but they let their consoles shine in a way that a multiplatform game could never be able to.

Active Reload2295d ago

"Gamers Want Uncharted on Xbox 360 and an End to Exclusives"

That's news to me. I've never heard anyone I know say that. In fact, it's my first time seeing such a statement on the web. With the Gears 3 beta going on UC3 being on the 360 is the furthest thing from most people's mind who only have a 360. This is definitely someone elses fantasy and quite frankly sounds made up.

Acquiescence2295d ago

I wanted Uncharted 2, so I went out and got myself a PS3, regardless of the fact that I already had a 360 for two years. Killer-apps for consoles exist, and if the guy who wrote this article doesn't realize that then his gaming hobby sucks/suffers all the more for it.

blackbeld2295d ago

Exclusives is what we need today. Multiplat games makes you own a specific console for what?

Without competition then there would be only same games from EA!! No please no!

heroicjanitor2295d ago


That might be true but Uncharted actually requires a hard-drive, so 360 can't even have it watered down without some 360 owners being unable to play it, which would cause a fuss.

malamdra2295d ago

ok, let's do it

but since the PS3 has a lot more exclusives, the easiest way is to bring the few exclusives the 360 has to the PS3 thus making it the only console

DOMination2295d ago

I don't want critically panned gears wannabes on 360 thanks.

milohighclub2295d ago

I'm sorry but ps3 multiplats are shit due to lazy developers. I'm so glad that's things are the way are. If u don't like it buy a ps3. simple as. I'm sure you'd ra ther pay out a bit more than play a ported version of uncharted.

DigitalAnalog2295d ago

Exclusives can utilize ALL of it's resources on a single-platform. From a business perspective, it can really sell with potential given the right advertisement. Extra resources can be poured on graphics/bugs/QA without having to check on multiple platforms. Otherwise exclusives can simply be because the "other" platform refuses to publish it (like Haze).

-End statement

Theonetheonly2295d ago

While your at it You should have Universal Studios and Disney land merge so you don't have to buy 2 tickets to different theme parks.


DualConsoleOwner2295d ago

superior graphics of PS3 exclusives....

Being on Xbox 360 means, the graphics would have to be downgraded.

Pikajew2295d ago

What if they cant afford another console?

Darkfocus2294d ago

"While your at it You should have Universal Studios and Disney land merge so you don't have to buy 2 tickets to different theme parks.


you honestly don't think that would be a good thing?sure it'll never happen(probably) but it would be great if it did...

sikbeta2294d ago

Seriously this is really stupid, if there is some people who still don't understand that exclusives are the key to competition between different brands in the gaming industry, they better quit gaming...

artynerd2294d ago

Exclusives always look best on their respective consoles because the developers aren't wasting time making sure it works on both sets of hardware.

Dee_912294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

a Majority of muliplat games are watered down .. not all

Then they should shut up and make due with what they got

Rageanitus2294d ago


sorry but your argument is flawed look at how many games are dumbed down on consoles vs PC only games.... then compare it to multiplatform games found accross the board..

Sono4212294d ago

well sikbeta it seems like Microsoft doesn't understand this :D

DAS6922294d ago

Everyone doesn't have the money to afford 2 systems! Especially when they cost 300-400 bucks each... that being said... I still don't think I'd buy another 360 for the simple fact that the first 2 I got RRODed

DAS6922294d ago

Exclusives are a great way for a game developer to concentrate on one system. Making multiplatform games isn't easy, and requires a much bigger team or a team with a lot of passion, because depending on how the game was made, they can't always "port" it over to the other systems. Not to mention that exclusives usually have a higher rate of quality... Like Uncharted 2, and Killzone 3.

Veneno2294d ago

@ Washington Capitals

Looking at your comment we can tell you really aren't qualified to speak on this subject because while yes there is the side of games being "all about fun" there is also a technical side involving hardware and software which overrides everything.

If multiplatforms arent' watered down, then why aren't your favorite games like MGS 4 and Read Dead on the Wii ?

YOu need to go out there and educate your self on technical aspects of videogames if you expect anyone to listen to you on a serious level.

I_find_it_funny2294d ago

NO to 3rd party exclusives.

games made by SONY and MS are exclusive and you can't whine about it

MaxXAttaxX2294d ago

It's a Sony game. It will never be multiplatform.
It's that simple.

morganfell2294d ago


Then they should have made a better choice in the beginning and picked the console with the multiplats AND the best exclusives. They should have also examined the cost of the console over 4 years rather than utilizing the "what is cheap right now" method of purchasing.

When a console doesn't use last generation technology then that console might work as the sole console. Otherwise we are limiting developers. One console would mean competition among developers instead of among hardware manufacturers.

It is a fallacy that one console would prevent innovation. Sony was easily ahead last generation, not even looking back at the other two yet they continued to push the PS2 in software and hardware. The idea that a sole console would prevent or inhibit innovation is one of the biggest misconceptions and outright lies in the forecast of the gaming future.

ct032294d ago

Answer me this then:

Why are there no exclusive Blu-ray movies that only work on Sony players but not other brands?
Why are there no exclusive TV channels that only work on Sony TVs but not other brands?
Why are there no exclusive music albums that only work on Sony CD players but not other brands?

There is NO reason for gaming to be different.

Solid_Snake-2294d ago

vice versa for ps3 owners.

pixelsword2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

If you can afford XBL since 2005, then you can afford a PS3, as you spent enough to have a PS3 by now.

and if you can't afford a PS3, the don't by five games and use that money on a PS3.

Problem solved.

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jonlynch2295d ago

I would like to see an end to 3rd party exclusives, but 1st party like (Naughty Dog, Turn 10, Nintendo, and so) will keep the competition fresh.

jony_dols2295d ago

Long live 1st party exclusives!