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Sony Hiring Developer To Work With Google Chrome's Engine

Dual Pixels - Sony has recently listed a job for the position of Senior Software Engineer under the SNEI branch. Google Chrome is significant to this job listing by the citing of WebKit, the engine of which Google Chrome runs on. (PS3)

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Joni-Ice  +   1615d ago
That is great news. I would love to see Chrome on the PS3.
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Best  +   1615d ago
Or you could use your computer...
kyl277  +   1615d ago
or a laptop or phone
Blacktric  +   1615d ago | Well said
Yeah. Also, he can use his computer to play games and watch movies too. Who cares about PS3 getting even more awesome features right?

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Joni-Ice  +   1615d ago
@ Best and Kyl277....PS3 having a internet browser is convenient. Chrome on the PS3 will make the experience better.

EDIT: Unless you're a part of the Stealth Disagree Clan, Please explain why you disagree.
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PokemonMaster   1615d ago | Trolling | show
Peaceful_Jelly  +   1615d ago
I was told the same thing when I was complaining about the removal of the otherOS, "u can use the PC!"... Now u use the same logic and get tons of disagrees.

Oh the irony. Having BC, otherOS and card readers was convenient too but no one complained when they got removed. In fact, people were getting disagrees and being bubble-raped for complaining.
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--------  +   1615d ago
PS3/4 = Powerful gaming console, HD Blu Ray player, file manager (movies, music, pictures netflix etc.) Social network (PS Home) Online store (PS Store) and web browser (soon to be Google Chrome)

Overall a solid media center, fit to do anything you need it to in your living room or elsewhere.

People who don't need to manage any documents/use computer software don't even need a computer if they have a PS3.

Before I get called a troll, the 360 (and future gen Xbox) will be able to do most, if not all of that too.

Everything does everything nowadays, my toaster plays HD 1080p video and has Wifi. /s
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kyl277   1615d ago | Trolling | show
Ravage27  +   1615d ago
Sony's cozy relationship with both Google and Valve can only mean great things for us PS3 owners. I wonder if they are planning to use Chrome on NGP.
jujubee88  +   1614d ago
I get the feeling it will be a Sony built browser with some Google chrome webkit parts.

This way both the NGP and PS3 can have these webkits and have acess to HTML5 and all the cool chrom widgets and other stuff that works on Google chrome.
rockleex  +   1614d ago
Millions more use the Web Browser than the 5 customers who actually used Other OS.

Not only that, you had the choice not to update and keep Other OS. And don't try to bring up the fact that institutions use Linux on PS3 to do research, because they obviously chose NOT to update.

Its not anyone else's fault that you realized Linux on the PS3 was not as important as all the other features you get by updating.
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1614d ago
The irony in these posts.

Edit: @Rocklee

That's ignorant saying only 5 people used it.
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duplissi  +   1614d ago
or maybe he just would like the ps3 browser to not suck..

edit: wtf!!! 2 bubbles!....
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darkdoom3000  +   1614d ago
Well, I used to care about the browser. but after I got my laptop I didn't care. BUT now I care again, because I realised that I would be able to stream shows without the browser crashing. (don't have netflix or stuff like that here. :( )
Oner  +   1614d ago
So a feature that offers a better/enhanced experience for users to have more choice and ease of use (seeing how millions use Chrome) somehow is automatically "spin ANYTHING to make it look good for sony and the PS3"? Talk about a delusional excuse of which cannot be rationalized/reasoned to someone.

The difference is you are so blindly biased AGAINST anything specifically "Sony" that you cannot/will not understand nor want to use something that is adapted for better use because you specifically hate it that it's on a "Sony" device.

That is oh so mature of you. /sarcasm
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NateCole  +   1614d ago
You can't access PSN or play PS3 exclusives on the PC.

Options is important. Having the option to use Chrome on the PS3 to surf the net without having to boot up the PC is a great option for PS3 owners.
0321   1614d ago | Trolling | show
Dee_91  +   1614d ago
I know its weird but if the browser didnt freeze so much and they fixed the loading issues I would prefer browsing on ps3 over computer
and a winwar app to unrar or unzip files lol
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AKA  +   1614d ago
PS3 is my computer duhhhh.
AKA  +   1614d ago
my PS3 is my computer... duhhhh
badz149  +   1614d ago
PS3 getting chrome?
err...ok? btw, when is the PSN going up again?
You see, when you troll like this it's so blatantly stupid. I can troll too by saying something like Or I can use YOUR MOM. The difference between your troll is that it's shallow and pedantic. The difference with my troll is despite it being low brow and in many times, in poor taste. It comes off as refreshing and hilarious that I stooped down to your obviously inferior lower level and bested you with an even lower level showing that your idiocy is only bested by an obviously smarter person replicating your level of idiocy.
nix  +   1614d ago
nothing beats the experience of browsing on a big HD tv while sitting lazily on the beanbag/sofa.

this is great news for people like me who don't have comp at home.
Crazyglues  +   1615d ago
File this one under...

It's about Dam time...and I don't mean to come down hard on Sony but dam this is something people have been saying for years... Can you please fix the browser and give us something good.

another thing gamers having been saying for years, can we please get cross-game chat.. I mean come on, if this was any other company we would have gave them an F years ago...

the Ps3 has been out now for like over 5 years and your just now thinking yeah maybe we should get it a good browser..

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King_many_layers  +   1614d ago
It's not even been out for 5 years.

Barely over 4 years for Europe.
rockleex  +   1614d ago
Chrome has only been officially out for two years, I think.
JUDALATION   1615d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
Blad3star   1615d ago | Spam
LiamIRL82  +   1614d ago
I adore google chrome. Its basic stripped down look would be perfect for the ps3.
sinncross  +   1614d ago
I love Chrome on the PS3. I do hope that the NGp launches with a fully working Chrome browser.
TheDivine  +   1614d ago
I would also but this is probably for their tablets and laptops. I dont see sony updating the web browser this late and under contract i assume. Im using the ps3 browser now, it works but is impossible without a keyboard, i hate typing w a controller
Gamer_Z  +   1614d ago
Will every one just stop complaining! We are getting chrome (:
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the_best_player  +   1614d ago
Im using the PS3 browser right now to write this comment :)
EliteDave93  +   1615d ago
Great :)
Rybakov  +   1615d ago
sony needs to fix psn instead of thinking about there super out dated internet browser
DoomeDx  +   1615d ago
Super outdated? lmao do you even use google chrome?
I do, and its the fastest browser there is.
Maybe it feels outdated to you, because it doesnt have toolbars
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Rybakov  +   1615d ago
i do use chrome but thats on a real computer

when i had to use the playstation web browser at my friends before the crash i went to a website and it had articles from 2008 and my friend went to the same website on his laptop and it was current.....sooo super outdated is kinda correct
DrRichtofen  +   1615d ago
@wes he's talking about the ps3's browser not chrome
Nitrowolf2  +   1615d ago

um lol wtf does that have anything to do with it being outdated???
The PS web browser still works, it has nothing to do with the crash. I don't understand how getting articles from 08 would mean it's outdated, in fact using the internet and getting old material really has nothing to do with the browser.
Old content doesn't mean outdated browser

Yes PS3 browser is outdated, but i would just like to point out that surfing the web would still be the same as any other browser.


he is talking about PS3 web Browser
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Joni-Ice  +   1615d ago
@ Rybakov...A website having outdated info has nothing to do with the PS3 browser being outdated.
NiKK_419  +   1615d ago
Are people really that dense? So you're telling me that you went to the same site on a PC and ps3 and the ps3 had articles from 2008 instead? Are you kidding me? Obviously it wasn't the same. He probably went to Google and typed something in, went to news, and maybe accidentally clicked "results from 3 years ago" or something, but I can't believe you actually think that having an old browser will only show old things on it. Are you sure you know how to use the internet?
Sevir04  +   1614d ago
"when i had to use the playstation web browser at my friends before the crash i went to a website and it had articles from 2008 and my friend went to the same website on his laptop and it was current.....sooo super outdated is kinda correct"

I'll have to file this post as the epic fail of the week! LMAO!

on topic: It's good to see Sony continuing to streamline and improved all the other avenues of experiences you can have on the PS3. a new browser would be awesome! because the flash support isn't that hot on the current PS3 browser!
fireplace  +   1614d ago
Yes, it uses the old internet. 2009's websites are rumored to come after PSN return.
mastiffchild  +   1614d ago
Oh Rybakov-you REALLY looked daft just there fella. You can't just assume things are one way when anyone with a PS3 will tell you they're another. I've seldom seen as complete a fail as that comment. Weak sauce indeed when some people will be using this browser which is supposedly down because of the "crash" and confused to be seeing your comment from today when it can only access stories from "2008".

The PS3 browser is weak, I agree, but Chrome would be a welcome step up in a service that has nothing to do whatsoever with the current PSN/SOE outages. At least look before slagging things off tag-lag. The browser deserves some stick just not the stick you fact free tirade gave it.
Agent_hitman  +   1615d ago
CHROME on PS3 will be a plus.
King_many_layers  +   1614d ago
it most certainly will be a plus.

A PS plus feature I'd imagine.
tdrules  +   1615d ago
Oh wow not a single mention of Chrome in the job listing.
Dead Pixels you are a tabloid rag of the highest order.
"But WebKit powers Chrome"
It also powers a shitload of other browsers
MisterAV  +   1615d ago
exactly, Webkit is the STANDARD embedded rendering engine. It's used on safari, chrome, S60 browser, new blackberry,...
mastiffchild  +   1614d ago
Seriously(the page won't load for me for some reason)they have gone with this story with NO Chrome link AT ALL? Can games related writing get any worse?

We've had BS after BS article after hits off the back of the PSN issues ignoring the facts in an effort to bury Sony for MORE hits being undone by anyone who actually bothers to look into things a little and then we get pieces like this which show that good news articles are also strangers with Mr Truth. Sick of gaming sites and blogs right now. Rumour and supposition beating actual journalism, writing and investigation at every sodding turn ,it appears, while gamers just blithely swallow anything they get fed.

I've seen so many half truths and blatant lies repeated so many times they become accepted as gospel this week it's untrue itself! We need to start looking at things properly ourselves if we ever want a better gaming media as we're gettuing a crappy service right now because we just don''t check things out. True, we shouldn't HAVE to but while we'll believe anything why would they bother doing their jobs right either-when other sites get hits for crap? Not going to happen.

It's up to us to change this, not visit sites we know do it and support hose which do their job better. I can see this getting even worse if we don't start having a bit more about ourselves and, you know, actually being a bit of a community.
Zydake   1615d ago | Immature | show
maverick1191  +   1615d ago
now that is a feature alot of people want A BETTER WEB BROWSER!

and chrome does the job perfectly!
DarkSpawnClone  +   1615d ago
This is great news!!! i love being able to browse the internet on my ps3,I use it all the time for N4G :P
Tyre  +   1615d ago
Maybe they have included it in the new firmware already?...i mean the one we get when PSN comes back online...could this be? I hope so that would be amazing! : )
Tyre  +   1615d ago
A Browser desktop has the entire surface of the XMB able to act as "Canvas" or "Cairo surface" for Widgets and a Webkit Browser window....IF GTK+3 is used then there are multiple open source applications that can be easily ported to the PS3. With a do it yourself desktop the core logic of applications can be used but the entire GUI would need to be rewritten. The PS3 and certainly the NGP have the power and memory to do either case....Would such a scheme result in a smaller XMB that is at the same time more powerful? Is a subset of this idea already being used for the PS3 XMB and wasn't the PS3 capable of running a full OS Linux? This maybe why the PSN downtime is taking so long...they are re-building the entire PSN and PS3 system to support a Browser desktop/Webkit Browser window to make this switch they had to take the entire PSN down anyway...could this be closer to the truth?
Tyre  +   1615d ago
They've planned this already so nobody can disagree on this...i mean to say maybe they use this downtime (because of the breach) to do this (already planned) overhaul next to making a more secure system, it would be smart...Microsoft is no stranger to complete XboxDashboard/functions overhauls but that's easier cause the system was designed to support this since launch...Sony has to completely rewrite/rebuild PS3/PSN to support this...they've already planned this so why not do it now? check the Playstation Meeting 2011 vids where they have announced/shown this new BrowserOS running on NGP...in that Meeting they've hinted that it would be coming to PS3 too...making the NGP/PSN and PS3 fully compatible on all accounts...i wouldn't be surprised if this is the case.
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blackburn10  +   1615d ago
Ignoring all the killjoys in this post this will be a welcome addition if it's true. An update to our browser would be a positive thing despite what the trolls seem to think.
RevXM  +   1615d ago
I would love a new/GOOD browser.

This seems promising, so im crossing my fingers.
B1663r  +   1615d ago
This looks like a job description for the PS4, not Sony's current offering. Getting webkit to work on the PS3 will take years, as Chrome has a number of process embedded in it that are absolutely antithetical to how the Cell and the PS3 operating system works...
princeofthabay  +   1614d ago
"Upon digging, it was revealed that Sony had updated PS3's webkit source for the currently integrated browser on March 31 which added the files for ChromeClientPOSIX. Those files can be found within the ps3-webkit-support.diff file."
Nikkelz  +   1615d ago
NGP Probably.....its kinda late in the ps3 life cycle to be hiring a guy to port a different browser to the ps3....i really wish they could just add CLOUD BROWSING ala skyfire (but better) now that they have the network down,maybe add a few extra servers just for that..think about it,no more system crashes because the browsing can be done server side....oh and of course cross game chat!!

Peace and game on
dragonelite  +   1615d ago
Maybe for the phones i didn't read the article
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1615d ago
This would be sweet!!!! I use the PS3's browser often but i think it needs an upgrade!!
ATiElite  +   1615d ago
"Sony Hiring Developer To Work With Google Chrome's Engine"

How about you hire somebody from Steam or Microsoft to tighten up the PSN security. I had a convo a few days back about Sony having Steam/Valve take control of PSN. I said it was win/win they said No way.

Chrome on PS3 should of been on there way earlier. Anyway are these things still consoles? although they still posses LESS features than a smart cell phone or PC...they are not exactly consoles anymore.

one more thing...where's the dam Sony KB/M?
#16 (Edited 1615d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Dark_king  +   1615d ago
any usb or bluetooth KB/M works with PS3.
a_bro   1614d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(2)
theonlylolking  +   1614d ago
Why would you hire M$ for security? I do not know if you know this but M$ has some of the most hacked software out there.
ATiElite  +   1614d ago
software that you sale in the store to the public is different from software used to secure your network. M$ has many years of experience dealing with people trying to hack Microsoft.com GFWL and Xbox live. I don't like either one of those networks but I do know they are safe and secure.
KeiserSosay4788  +   1615d ago
Please fix the browser Sony. Even though I like the fact that I have the option to surf the web on my slim, it really isn't very good. When my slim freezes, its almost always in the browser. Also, I'm pretty sure the lack of memory doesn't help.
gamecock  +   1614d ago
thats all good.but turn psn on first please.
lazertroy  +   1614d ago
PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE I really want a Better Browser NOW!!!!!
SlaughterMeister  +   1614d ago
This article is such a load of crap.

He gives absolutely baseless speculation that the new browser will be Google Chrome, then offers a copy-n-paste of the job ad--which includes absolutely no mention of Chrome.

Why is this article titled this way? God, I hope the people who write this kind of trash aren't honestly aspiring to careers in journalism.
FredEffinChopin  +   1614d ago

Bring it on!
NyGiants7   1614d ago | Trolling | show
111222333  +   1614d ago

Most likely being hired under the SNEI branch for new Sony Bravia TV's that will be running the Google TV plaftform.

Maybe possible integration of Sony services in any netbooks they release running Chrome OS too.

I'd have gone for Android tie ins but I guess Sony Ericsson would handle that in house.
persistentlobster  +   1614d ago
Why in God's name do I still constantly see people bringing up the cross game chat feature. It's pointless! If i'm playing killzone and my buddy's playing cod then if i wanted to talk to him (which i wouldn't because it would be distracting and make no sense) I would just call him/her. Features I would be much more appreciative for would be video chat, the ability to sign into multiple accounts at the same time for split screen multiplayer ( in call of duty only the person signed into his/her account can save their custom loadouts, making things very frustrating), and obviously chrome would be a more than welcome addition.
Rageanitus  +   1614d ago
I see your point of view.... serioulsy on pc gaming I use skype to start up the initial call and from there just focus on that gaming moment.... cross gaming chat is a overated feature from the xbox crowd.... just like cloud saves...

now if ps3 allows you to jump from a ps3 game to a steam game and use the same save file that would make cloud saves viable and awesome......

But this does nto surprise me from the xbox crowd..... they overhyped games like bejeweled when it first came on on arcade... and honestly I hear ppl saying kinect chat is aawesome....
Kahvipannu  +   1614d ago
Good point persistentlobster, it's nice feature, but we can live without it. But atleast for me, it isn't pointless. It's usefull when you want to just "call" to your friend during game, for inviting him to the game, or just chatting. When using X0 it was cool feature, but now I have to pick up the phone and actually call my friends if I want to chat them during different game.. Or when someone crashes in-game/goes for other game/ or anything you can keep connection. I know text-messages works too, but they are really clumsy to use during games.

"the ability to sign into multiple accounts at the same time for split screen multiplayer "

I believe this is game related, not sure tought.. In X0 it was possible in most games to sign in as multiple users, haven't tested in PS3 tought, but I would be surprised if this indeed wasn't possible with PS3, as you mentioned..

"video chat"

PS3 doesn't have it? I didn't even realize it before, but that's becouse I don't have camera for it, so I really don't miss this feature. But video-chat is basic thing in most electronic devices for communications, so I believe Sony will add it sooner or later.

"chrome would be a more than welcome addition."

Better browser would be great, tought I use PS3-browser very rarely, but it seems many people use this feature.
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NotSoSilentBob  +   1614d ago
It was already "confirmed" that the PS3 was getting Mozilla a few years ago and that never happened. Then a month or so ago it was "confirmed" chrome was coming to the Ps3. I wish people would stop grasping at straws.
Godmars290  +   1614d ago
Would love to see Chrome on the PS3. Thing is there are a number of issues with the current browser, which I have raised only to be ignored, that likely will carry over to a new browser.
ziggurcat  +   1614d ago
chrome has been rumoured to be on the PS3 for a while now.

this only further solidifies the rumour towards fact. i, for one, would lke to see a better browser on the PS3.
Rageanitus  +   1614d ago
It will be a smart move if they allow all those free flash games on the internetz..
awi5951  +   1614d ago
Yeah ps3 needs crome the ps3 browser is useless. The sega dreamcast had a better browser than the ps3. You cant use any sites on ps3 most videos wont play its totally useless. You cant click on most links. What was sony thinking??
#29 (Edited 1614d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Ethereal  +   1614d ago
Ahh finally a break from the stupid articles about PSN being down. Google web browser for PS3 would be awesome. Sign me up.
Kahvipannu  +   1614d ago
Yeah, sites are taking all the clicks they can from this PSN down circus..

Better browser would be great too, tought I use PS3-browser very rarely, but it seems many people use this feature.
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