PS3 vs 360: Is It Time To Buy A PlayStation 3? Part 2

PC World has established that the PlayStation 3 is secretly less expensive than the Xbox 360 -- at least forty bucks -- if (and they say again, if) you load the 360 with comparable accessories like Wi-Fi, a hard drive, and online multiplayer. If high-def optical playback matters to you, add another $180 to the Xbox 360's tag and make room on your shelf for a bulky peripheral.

But what about the games?

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BLACKJACK VII4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Good read. I agree with his closing comments - it is exactly why I don't currently own a PS3:

"$400 isn't quite low enough (at least for me) to fall into the "impulse buy" category. It's just high enough to make me think twice, which is not in Sony's favor at the moment. A weak PS3 game library coupled with the elimination of PS2 backwards compatibility means the PS3 will essentially just be a Blu-ray player for the next 6-12 months."

Exactly. I think the perfect time to get a PS3 is when Sony finally puts it's cards on the table, releases at least a handful of AAA games, & includes BC for $399 or hopefully less. Oh, and I'll take a controller with rumble in the box please. Either mid 2008 or early 2009.

I really think removing the BC is a huge mistake on Sony's part. These are Trentton's comments about the removal of BC....

Merovee4077d ago

That was a PC World user comment.

feejo4077d ago

In the fullness of time (once the games are developed), the PS3 will be as dominant as its predecessor. In the meantime, it still has some issues to overcome.

We start to ear that quite often. I will just sit and watch.

PlayStation3604077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

The thing thats holding back the PS3's dominance like the PS2 is Price and the Big hitters (MGS4, KZ2,FFXIII ). I'm expecting around spring 08 is when both problems will/should be solved. Lower price tag (hopefully around $350>), Rumble, MGS4, maybe Killzone 2, more info on FFXIII/Vs, etc. You can expect PS2 gamers will upgrade to the PS3 at this point. Many of my brother Boxers may disagree with me, but they can't deny these are the main "weapons" they use to bash the PS3. When these problems are solved, what is there left to count the PS3 out?

Hmmm... I hope I'm not sounding like a fanboy...0_0 Those guys scare me. lol jk :P

P4KY B4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Why does every Sony fanboy think that PS2 owners are all waiting to upgrade to PS3s?
I owned 2 PS2s, most of my friends owned PS2s too and WE HAVE ALREADY UPGRADED. TO XBOX 360's

Not that i'm calling 'PlayStation360' a fanboy, but i'm talking in general.

BloodySinner4077d ago

I own two PS2s as well (original and slimline) and I upgraded to 360.

BLACKJACK VII4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

LOL, me too ! Love my PS2 & God of War baby..... And I can name about 7 friends of mine that upgraded from the PS2 to the 360 as well !

@ PlayStation360:

No man, I dont think you were saying that at all... I was agreeing with P4KY B that yes, alot of ppl say that, & yes I know alot of ppl who upgraded from PS2 to 360. Bubbles 4 U for the misunderstanding... LOL, like you need them !

How can you be a fanboy with a name like PlayStation360 ???


PlayStation3604077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Now I never said anything about the 360. Changing from a PS2 to a PS3 is an upgrade. Did I downplay the 360 in any way. No? then why bring the 360 into this? And I said PS2 gamers cause many PS2 gamers who played and enjoyed PS2 exclusive games will want to play the PS3 sequel. Correct? Now I'm not getting on ya'll. Heck, I'm with ya'll. I had a PS2 and upgraded to a 360. But I upgraded from the Xbox to a 360. And I upgraded from the PS2 to a PS3. Now I appreciate P4KY B's comment on pointing out he is not calling me a fanboy. But ya'll 2 didn't have to reply to my comment like I'm degrading the 360. Cause I in no way intended that bros.

Oh, my bad bro. Bubble headed right back at ya. :P

Edit: lol sadly bro, in this site some dudes call each other fanboys just for saying something good about a certain console. :( lol

anh_duong4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

"I really think removing the BC is a huge mistake on Sony's part. .... " - Blackjack

"I was agreeing with P4KY B [no reason to believe PS2 owners are all waiting to upgrade to PS3s]that yes, alot of ppl say that.." - Blackjack

On one hand you say removing BC is huge mistake but on the other hand you agree with P4KY and say that it is wrong to assume for ps2 owners to upgrade to a ps3. Surely if you agree with P4KY about backward compatibility (or in other words ps2 owners upgrading to ps3) not being significant then you first statement must sound rather contradictory. Can you try not to contradict yourself cos it makes you look like bladestar.

HarryEtTubMan4077d ago

Last generation.... 125 million PS2, 40 million Xbox's and 60 million gamecubes sold. This generation.... 6 million PS3, 12million 360'S and 14 wii's. There are ALOT of people who haven't choose to upgrade yet. Rounghly I dunno 200 million LOL. PS3 has alot of room to work with and this has barely begun. If u think these Halo boys are gonna still be playing Halo when the 360 is basically dead and the PS3 is releasing more and better looking games with a bigger and bigger install base. It's very much going to happen. A Ps3 user is not as likely to go buy another system because they have evrything and much much more. Think of all the Wii and 360 kids that will be buying a PS3.... including YOU in about 2 years. It will be 250 by then. PS3 is gonna continue the trend. Everyone loves Playstation and Sony is very smart regardless of what u think. There's a good 9 years left for PS3 to evolve and PS home to evolve and the Cell Processor to evolve. Good things are ahead.

jeanm33064077d ago

what i think would really do the job is a 300$ ps3 system. I think that will be a system seller. i believe it would obliate the wii and the 360. They should add mgs4 and ff13.

ceedubya94077d ago

I don't think its right to assume that the majority of the PS2 owners are automatically going to upgrade to the PS3. I upgraded to both actually (PS3 and 360), but there are plenty of people out there that went ahead and took the 360 plunge instead of waiting for the PS3 price to come down. I believe that the first console to hit 199 or less will more than likely take this thing.

MikeGdaGod4077d ago

i too am a PS2 owner and i upgraded to a 360.....when it first came out.

now that i also have a PS3, two broken 360's, and a sh!tload good PS3 games, i don't miss my 360 at all.

having a 360 was good for waiting until the system i really wanted came out. i'm sure that's what most others will do also.

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TheMART4077d ago

The PS3 really needs articles to lure people into buying it, right? That's bad. Then people buy it for the wrong reasons.

The 360 is making people jump in because of the games that drive the sales. Which just isn't now on the PS3. I bet, Christmas 2008 there will be more content to drive the PS3 sales. Also the price will be better, 200 to 300 Euro/Dollar. And rumble controllers will be standard in the total package.

That's when I will buy the white PS3 with rumble controllers with games that actually are worth playing, like God of War 3, KZ2 and hopefully GT5 (if it doesn't drive as bad as GT4HD, only made for the looks).

The 360 right now is the best gaming choice around. Why would one pay the highest prices (400 to 600 Euro/Dollar) over a console that doesn't have anything to play but Casino Royal for the 59684th time???

monkey6024077d ago

Do you really think that is how much the average PS3 owner has wathced that movie or are you just counting down the amount of times you have used that joke?

TheMART4077d ago

Nah I am just following the average score of a PS3 owner playing that movie really!

Real Time numbers, like VGCharts!

There we have another 2 times today an average PS3 owner plays it! I'll keep you updated

mesh14077d ago

haha some ppl think their article means anyhting to ppl that buy games haha ps3 is garanbe i see it never overetaking the 360 but ill get a ps3 2008christmass

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