Halo 3 A.I. "Largely Missing In Action"?

Mercury News Journalist, Mike Antonucci, writes:

"I'm about halfway through "Halo 3? playing on normal difficulty. I've been dividing my time with quite a few other games, although I like "Halo 3? a good deal more than "Halo 2."

For the moment - my opinion may shift by the time I've finished the game - I'd put "Halo 3? in the books as a very good game, but not the be all and end all. One thing I think is exceptional (and don't see mentioned much) is sound.

Now, a mild criticism that leads to some questions: I'm underwhelmed by the game's artificial intelligence, although I've seen it extravagantly praised by other reviewers...

So, why all the commendations for the A.I.? Don't get me wrong - it's great to be able to progress even when outgunned. Players shouldn't get relentlessly stuck on normal. But that doesn't negate the question. Per my example, isn't the A.I. largely missing in action?"

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Maddens Raiders4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

We already know about this game. This guy is a million years late to the party. Halo reviews bounce all over the place. It is its own worst enemy. You either hate it or love it with this one.

darkequitus4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

...why is he playing at normal anyway? Did he not take notice of any advice. If he played it on Legendary he would ot have bothered writing his dumb article.

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felidae4077d ago

i never ever had any server problems when i was playing Warhawk.

What do you do man? ;-)

2Negativecool4077d ago

This is to you and everyone below me that will defend Halo 3's embarrassingly stupid AI with an argument as dumb as "play it on a harder level."

AI shouldn't be dependent on the difficulty setting. So playing it on "normal" suddenly the AI is SUPPOSED to be completely inept? Incase you didn't notice the AI is not "normal" on is [email protected]#ing ape $hit retarded. The AI shouldn't actively seek cover, flank, and attack you in normal? Screw that! And when I played it on legendary, I don't recall seeing any friendly NPC's suddenly able to navigate or shoot on the Warthog with any skill level that would indicate to me that they weren't fresh off the short bus in legendary mode.

This criticism is not unfounded. The AI is bad, playing it on legendary just makes you easier to die and enemies harder to kill..friendlies are still dumber than toast.

nobizlikesnowbiz4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

At retard above--Yes.

That's exactly how it works.

When you have it set on Normal or Easy, the game basically plays itself. Your just along for the ride.

When you up the difficulty, the enemies all of a sudden start using their equipment effectively, throwing grenades effectively, charging at right times, creating bottlenecks, etc. I've seen it happen a hundred times, as I've played through the game on all settings, a few times at least.

So yes, to answer your stupid question. Bungie specifically stated that Normal and Easy have been tremendously dumbed down. AI on Heroic is tough, but Legendary is where it's at.

<ed.> No. You fail. On crappy difficulty do you see Brutes using equipment effectively? Charging when you go for cover? Throwing grenades to push you back, instead of just tossing them when they first see you?

I never let the AI drive the 'Hogs, so I never really saw how bad they were at driving. But I never expected them to be awesome. Have you ever seen AI pilot a vehicle for you in any game effectively? I haven't.

DeadIIIRed4077d ago

Do the following: Hop into the turret on a Warthog, let one of the NPC's drive, and see how far you get. Doesn't matter if it's on Normal or Legendary.

The only difference I saw with Normal and Legendary is that the enemies do more damage and throw more grenades. You only think the enemies in Legendary maneuver more and are smarter because your behind cover half of the time. Where as in normal they don't have time to move before you plow them all down.

I just beat the game on my brothers 360 and this was my only problem with the game aside from the jagged character models (watch the scene where Johnson dies, his cheek is literally a triangle). Loved the multiplayer, but the levels were really the only thing new.

a714generation4078d ago

...precisely because he's playing on normal, which Bungie warned gamers was not how the game was meant to be played. Kick it up a difficulty notch and you'll see the AI come to life.

PS360WII4078d ago

Even on Legendary the enemies still sit in a nice grouped together mess that can be defeated by a throw of a grenade, wait, throw another one, done. In a few of the levels you can run out in the middle of the battle field and just melee all the enemies.

I just brought this game to a buddies house last night which we played on Legendary and after about 20 mins or so he wanted me to check to make sure we really were on Legendary.

Halo 3 is a great game but for all the positive talk it got for having the best AI ever is just jibberish. Although I may be able to tackle computer AI I still have a hard time with the human element. I don't think my matchmaking works... heh

Munky4078d ago

The only ones that group together are the grunts, they usually have brute with them, kill him and they try to take off. Jackals you are spread all over the place, hunters as well. The flood always attacks, once they spot you that is. Legendary is the way to go, more enemies, smarter enemies, and much more resistant to attacks. FINISH the game on legendary and you will see.

SmokeyMcBear4077d ago

I gotta agree with you a little bit, but i thinks its due to the coop mode, I was trying it a little bit with single player legendary and god damn that was hard, I couldnt walk 2 feet out of cover without some enemy shooting me in the head with a carbine, or some big ol dude, going hey, the demon is over there. It was crazy, but playing coop, it got pretty easy, and its a lot easier knowning you can die, and have your buddy just take some cover and respawn.. well thats my 2

TheSadTruth4077d ago

It's funny kids play it on co-op and says it easy, but these are the same kids who wouldn't be able to beat it by themselves on legendary, no matter how much time they have.

Considering you die in about 1-2 seconds of fire from any enemy in the game, I really doubt you just run in and melee everything. You probably just ran up meleed an enemy and died, and then respawned by your buddy hiding. Good job, tool.

PS360WII4077d ago

wow calling me a tool for being good at a video game. Nice form! No not every part you can melee in. In certain parts yes! No I didn't run in melee die and respawn. Both me and my buddy ran in bobbed and weaved, melee few shots melee again, repeat oh they're all dead, checkpoint, and no one died all the while on Legendary! It's not the end of the world and don't belittle someone for actually doing it. The easiest spot to do this onslaught I found was on the platform with all the Brutes with the jumppack thing-a-ma-jig.

Though yea having a wingman is a nice thing to have but shouldn't make it that much easier.

Munky4077d ago

Finsh the game on legendary (alone) then say something. Gotta love gamercards ;)

dexterwang4077d ago

urm, Hard AI and Smart AI are very different... smart is if they behave intelligently, hard is they have more health and incredible aim (not very hard to program)

Halo3 having finished the single player on normal and legendary, does not have exceptional AI. Its good in that the enemy works somewhat well together, but I don't know where the saying halo3 have revolutionary AI comes from... Some enemies are utterly retarded (stand in the open, guns blazing), while some are programmed better. Overall the AI about be no better than a B+.

I won't even go into teamates AI... thats just atrocious, and can't believe more critisism aren't thrown at that

PS360WII4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

well said dexterwang and you are absolutly correct.

One Word never said I was an expert but thanks for checking up on me. Least it shows I have and play the game and not some troller ^^ [edit - would like to add that I am on the flood Ship for legendary which I got there on my own so i think I can talk about the Subject a wee bit.

I just don't understand all this defense over this aspect. So the AI isn't revolutinary it's okay. They made the guys harder not smarter like in all games that have difficulty modes. It is still a great game. Calm down peeps.

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Funky Town_TX4078d ago

then it should be illegal to play it on normal. I'm now playing on Legendary and the AI is crazy. I try to hide but it does not work. Don't be a person that only wants to finish the game. Play the game to be entertained and Legendary offers to best for me.

Munky4078d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

i finished legendary alone, playing it on that difficulty is like playing a different game.

...too funny how ppl are disagreeing, its the truth ppl. ;)

dhammalama4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I haven't finished legendary on halo 3 yet, but haven't put many hours in and I've already gotten pretty far. I've beaten it once co-op heroic and once solo heroic and now I'm working on legendary. I'm more than halfway done now.

I know this -- Halo 2 legendary was way harder. I beat that too.

Munky4077d ago

Totally agree man, itt was much harder in H2 to beat it on legendary. I never got through it actually.

Kleptic4077d ago

I couldn't beat H2 alone on legendary...never saw anyone else do it in person either...seemed like every 5 minutes would be a group of guys that took me hours and hours of deaths to get past...was fun, but pretty frustrating...

H3 legendary is easy in comparison; I agree with you guys...however I really haven't noticed ridiculous AI either...the difficulty is how much damage you can (or can't for that matter) take...even idiot grunts can hose you within a few seconds...Some people keep saying they will create bottlenecks, etc...I guess I never noticed...I do see guys hiding from me at the right times though, then coming back out with reinforcments...and killing me...

however what about the friendly AI?...that doesn't get better no matter what level of difficulty the game is on...I still see guys mindlessly shooting at cliffs and getting stuck behind barrels...its funny yes, but impressive?

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