Affordable 7.1 Surround (That's Actually Good)

When I hear the term 'affordable surround sound', I usually think of those horrible $200 to $500 systems from the likes of Sony, Panasonic, or the myriad of no-name brands out there. While Sony and Panasonic are well known brand names, they certainly have their low end lines and, in my opinion, their 'cheap' surround systems sound just as cheap as they cost.

However, I just came across a very decently priced surround sound system from a company that has a pretty good reputation for fairly affordable and decent sounding surround sound.

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Violater4076d ago

Affordable =/ $1000+ bucks

SmokeyMcBear4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I got an onkyo 6.1 receiver for around 300 bucks, and some infinity speakers from costo for like 250, so 550 bucks overall, and it has some pretty good surround sound, well good enough, I know it doesnt compare to the higher end stuff. I am going to get a harmon kardon 7.1 system once I upgrade to the 65" mitusbishi, but this isnt until after christmas

Senbo4076d ago

but when i went to buy it thy didn't have it so i just got sonys KDS-R60XBR2 which was my second choice i only have a 5.1 system tho was looking for a 7.1 receiver that had 1.3 HDMI don't want to lower the out put of the ps3 to 1.1 or 1.2(like the xbox) couldn't find some thing under 3k so i just gave up that was a wile bake about the time the BXR2 came out

socomnick4076d ago

I got a 7.1 onkyo surround sound very good overall but the subwoofer is lacking power.

Jdash244076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

$1099 is still a little too rich for my blood...........but it looks like a good surrround system

@below....ya i saw that......but ima be streched pretty thin after this holidays game line up, im going to have to wait a while before i can something decent

Frag Monger4076d ago

They have a 5.1 system w/ similar specs for $899. ;)

gw4k4076d ago

I have two Onkyo Sound systems. A 6.1 in the living room and a 7.1 in the bedroom. I replaced the sub in the living room with an Infinite (500watt) and it is one of the most incredible sound systems I have ever heard. Everyone is blown away.

I had some friends over last night watching Transformers, we all had our mouths on the floor. My wife, on the other hand was not as happy and excited as we were....she was awaken to the sound of an earth quake and everything in the house shaking.

Get an Onkyo and you will never regret it! That is a promise!

grifter0244075d ago

hmm nice system, Onkyo does make some good systems but right now I have a Yamaha which is pretty good for now, Im thinking about getting a Denon or maybe onkyo receiver in Christmas and maybe some new speakers then I will know what "True" audio sounds like lol.
PS: remember you shouldnt put your speakers in a complete square room it will give you bad sound quality, it will polarize and the front will be the back and you wont know where the sound is coming from trust me.

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