Reflections: We're "in sync" with Hollywood

Did you think the coma-story for Driver: San Francisco was a bit odd? Yeah, me too. Reflections understand though, and speaking to us in a recent interview they've tried to put the move into some kind of context.

"Driver is about cops, it's about cop stories and undercover missions, and that's something we wanted to preserve," said Senior Producer Jean-Sebastien Decant.

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hazelamy2639d ago

if they mean they're using the most tired, cliched storytelling device in the history of storytelling, then yeah.

they're seriously going with the whole "it's a dream" angle?

and if it's all a dream, what's the point?

Montrealien2639d ago

name me one game you think has a great story, and I'll find you age old story clichés. True story.

Montrealien2639d ago

I am Pretty sure Bonelly and co. were aiming for the same thing since Driver 1. Here is hoping this one is good.