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MAG + Inception (mind heist) trailer

A small trailer based on MAG and Inception (mind heist) trailer. Trying to match the voice work with video. It is a little bit old but worth watching. (MAG, PS3)

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Neko_Mega  +   1349d ago
Weird, but not bad.
SCEA_RULES  +   1349d ago
MAG is still the best multiplayer
rezzah  +   1349d ago
You should correct that before people go crazy on you (disagrees =p)

correction --> Best Team Oriented Multiplayer FPS of all time.

Of course they will disagree without bringing proof (unless they do). Even so they should know (since they likely never played it) that their personal game of choice already lacks in team work only gameplay.
Flashwave_UK  +   1349d ago
yeah mag is so fun
Washington-Capitals  +   1349d ago
Ok..... this trailer music is now becoming overly used.
xCaptainAmazing  +   1349d ago
It's great but people are killing it with their bullshit mashups that make NO sense. First Battlefield and now this. When the community made Inception trailers using LittleBigPlanet and forge in Halo: Reach, it made sense and was creative. Now people are just being stupid. Sink this crap.
Nykamari  +   1349d ago
This was made before HALO: Reach came out bro! So saying Halo was first is wrong, check out G's videos on YouTube, he makes great MAG videos and very informative for new comers.
ggamdori  +   1348d ago
Thanks, Nykamari. It's funny that my video feels so ancient just because it was done last year :)

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