WWE All Stars Demo Releases Today

Today the demo for the long awaited WWE All Stars releases on the PSN and Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Get read for tights, tights, tights! Oh yeah, and some brutal elbow dropping action.

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sinncross2795d ago

Oh man, am so downloading this.

I hope the demo supports 4 players: thats what I want to try out most before gettign the game.

crimsonfox2795d ago

oh hell butler hold my calls!...not really

showtimefolks2795d ago

still not sure if its worth 60 at launch maybe wai a few weeks and get its for around 35-40

yakuza 4 39.95 at bestbuy
dragon age 2 39.95 at amazon

so the prices for new games go down sometimes at launch

CobraKai2795d ago

Too bad they only have 2 wrestlers to try out. This is the first time in a long time I had fun with a wrestilng game.

BLAKHOODe2795d ago

I liked what I played of it, but I think Ultimate Warrior/Rey Mysterio was a bad choice for the demo. They should have went with The Rock and John Cena.. build on their Wrestlemania showdown. I'll still be getting the game next week when it comes out.

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