New Prototype 2 pre-alpha screenshot released

New screenshots of Prototype 2 have been released and they look pretty amazing!

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technologymob2591d ago

Unreal how good these look. I know they're pre-alpha and only really concept art but still, if the final game looks half as good as that it will look amazing.

josephayal2591d ago

Incredible! The pre alpha looks better than crysis 2, day 1

Tachyon_Nova2591d ago

It looks about the same as Infamous 1 but with better draw distance.

Quagmire2591d ago

Well, its not like it could look any worse than the first game.

disturbing_flame2591d ago

Is it a screenshot or a picture art ?
looks like a bullshot roughly made

jbiz3202590d ago

Ill believe it when I actually see it.. too much hype/disappointment cycles goin on.