Two Worlds II delayed AGAIN

Two Worlds II has been delayed in the UK again and now won't be released until next Friday, 11th March.

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SuperSaiyan42843d ago

This game is availalbe to buy its region free and I got it like a month ago. The game is just as bad as the first one too many problems to go through but the gameplay is terrible.

tablav2843d ago

I disagree...

I've played it and I think it's a great game. Yes, it has its problems, I won't lie. Melee combat is clunky as hell, but magic system is complex and interesting.

The game world is varied and beautiful in places and the side missions are great fun (main story is awful though).

I'd say if you've got the money, give it a go. If not, it's at least worth a rental. It's not the best game, but it's not "terrible".

lucifon2843d ago

Tablav is right. I've played the UK PAL version for review and had an absolutely awesome time with it. It's certainly not for everyone, and has its issues, but is a gigantic improvement over the first in almost every way. Such a shame Topware have handled this launch horrifically. They'll do well to even get many sales at all, which is a huge shame as the title really deserves better.

jay22843d ago

It's on eBay so just get it there.

mac_sparrow2843d ago

Launching the same day as Dragon Age 2? Bad move.

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