Game Podunk Review - De Blob 2: Colourful Capers in Abundance

The gameplay centres entirely around the concept of colouring in the world using Blob's coloured powers in an atypical 3D platforming adventure. By collecting various different types of paint scattered throughout the level you can change Blob's colour as needed, even blending together primary colours to create secondary colours (a concept which you will need to use regularly in order to solve puzzles). Using these powers of pigmentation is key to transforming the levels in the game, which always start out as completely lifeless; a sea of black and white. To solve this problem, you'll need to move Blob around the world, an action that causes the level to recolour itself as you touch Blob against objects, bringing life and substance back to the game world. It's an astonishingly simple concept, but seeing the world come to life at your hands really inspires you to paint absolutely everything in sight and bring life back into these incredibly (and intentionally) drab-looking game stages.

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