Speculation/Rumor: GT5 C-Spec

In the most recent March 2011 PlayStation the Official Magazine (PtOM) issue #043 there is a feature titled "Time for Mods" about multiple planned patches for GT5. Within that article is one little blurb about a new mode (as they call it) "C-Spec" and it states ~

"...Alternatively, Yamauchi may continue work instead on his rule-obeying free-roam mode (were calling it "C-Spec"), where players drive around at the speed limit, obey traffic laws, and possibly even get out and walk. It may seem as if we're joking, but we're not."

Read on for links, pics and a video that may add more substance to this new Spec.

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Oner2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

If GT5 continues to get support (especially like this) I am set. Even though I am already 100% satisfied with what PD have given already!

Edit @ alphakennybody

If PD was to ever make/add that track along with Special Stage R11 (all versions) it would be absolutely perfect!

vsr2727d ago

Wow !!!! No Substitute for GT !!!

True Value for $ 60 & Bluray.

sikbeta2727d ago

It keeps getting better and better, it's incredible what PD is doing with this Game, I just love it, it's simply Awesome, I hope C-Spec is true...

alphakennybody2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

free roaming is the next logical step for GT or modify the course maker to be able to generate long endless road with breath-taking landscape like in this vid and with a full day/night/weather cycle

JAMurida2727d ago

I kinda wish all the tracks at least had day/night time transactions/settings. I understand why some wouldn't, but I honesty like playing the game with night races more then the day ones. Idk, I just like driving at night, lol.

Fucking love driving on Nurburgring with day/night and weather effects on, while listening to this song:

sinncross2727d ago

Technical difficulties aside, offering the ability to play any track in either day or night should be fairly easy to implemennt - I am not sure why they have not.

Baka-akaB2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

And yet somehow some people found a way to moan , complain and diminish the game ?

Who the hell would do that much work before and after release for a racing game ?

So far only Criterion games did for stuff like Burnout Paradise .

snaz272727d ago

I complained about gt5, in my opinion the game was a complete mess. . . so many stupid errors for a game that had such a long development time, now the graphics for the most part were awesome, the actual driving physics was great too, but the challenge was crap, i played some races in the easy section that were harder than the endurance section just because pd failed to put car restrictions as they did in prologue, it meant i spent most the time burning round the track in an car that's too powerful for the race! there was no way to know what power you would be racing against, just stupid to me, it ruined the game. such a shame.

zootang2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

"there was no way to know what power you would be racing against"

Yes there is, it's called typical opponents.Below, it was there from the start. Gave you bhp car model and weight. It is next to race requirements

snaz272727d ago

Played through most the game and never saw typical opponents, is that post patch or pre patch? And where was it located? And what details does it give you? Car model? Car power? Weight? Etc etc. . .

Pyscho_Mantis2727d ago

its like a list before the event. It tells you the type of car the horsepower and the weight. LOL GT5 noob

snaz272727d ago

Before the race? What as in after you have loaded up the race? So you gotta load up the race then find out what cars you're racing against then come back out and find the right car to race then reload it again Lmao. Isn't it pds job to make the game? I've played every gt game and had been waiting for gt5 for a long time. . . Why didn't they just restrict things as they did with prologue? Don't you think it would have been better?

Redempteur2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

it's before choosing a race, instead of using X , press UP and there it is ... !!

it's in front of you and yes it's there since ages ...

Exquisik2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

After you loaded the race, i.e. after choosing the cup and race and getting into the race menu but before starting the race (does that make sense?), you can actually go to your garage and switch cars without having to get out of the race menu. And there is limitation on what car you can drive and what car you can't drive at the race. Only some of the races in the earlier class allow you to race any kind of car you like but as you progressed further there will be more limitation to what cars you can and can't use.

It seems as if you barely plays the game before selling it. Maybe instead of nitpicking, trying to find faults for the game, and whining/complaining about the game, you should've spent more time playing the game instead.

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snaz272727d ago

That was my main gripe and to me was game breaking. There were other stupid decisions like in most races you couldn't just retry it, you had to come out a reload it, come on how stupid is that? I got to the first endurance race and never saw any damage! Wtf? Having some cars premium and some used was stupid, having weather on only some tracks was stupid! It seemed the single player was rushed and not thought out properly, to be honest i cant believe they released it in that state.

JAMurida2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I will say, I agree with you on the part with being able to bring an overpowered car that has the HP of like 800+ into a race with cars that can't even reach 100 mph. I thought that was kinda dumb on them and they should of restricted it. I'm working on B-spec right now and it's kinda funny how I can literally start a race and go do something else while my driver completes the race without me having to manage him or anything in races where he has an overpowered car. I mean, of course you can prevent this by just using a car that's meant for the race, when you don't have to it's like why bother.

I would say my only complaints about the game so far are:

1. Decisions made on what cars should be premium and standard.

2. Lack of the ability to turn on/off night/day/weather on the majority of the tracks.

3. Somewhat of the game's overall graphics.

Some more of them are stuff you already said and others I just don't feel like trying to remember. I mean, overall, I love the game still, but in some ways I'm really disappointed with some of the things they did with the game.

EDIT: to add the the graphics thing, I wondered why they didn't add motion blur in the game while your racing. If you watch trailers like the Weather Effects trailer for the game they add motion blur in the game but it's just not in the final version. that's a simple effect that makes games generally look better, (GoW3 is a perfect example). But that's just a small complaint compared to the others.

snaz272727d ago

Thank you! Someone else that wasn't wearing rose tinted glasses, in my opinion b spec was just a waste of time. . . I was so looking forward to a next gen gt but it just didn't deliver at all. . . What about not being able to upgrade your brakes? Lmao so all cars have the same brakes? Lol. . . I did enjoy some parts but i kept looking for the challenge and for the damage to kick in, it just didn't happen. . . I ended up just getting bored and selling it.

Redempteur2727d ago

woah you'd think anyone would have realised that if brakes have a special area dedicated to them in the tuning section , that means that you can tweak it somehow...

if you sold it for such complain ( when the answers are there ) then GT isn't for you

LightSamus2727d ago

The video they link to in that is an early prototype of The Getaway 3, not GT5.

retrofly2727d ago

yes seems they are putting 2 and 2 together and making 24

saint_john_paul_ii2723d ago

GT5 assests are also based of that of Getaway 3. I read that up a while ago, like 2 or 3 years ago. thats why GT5 has that similarity.

JAMurida2727d ago

Idk, I'm not to thrilled with 1.07, that doesn't allow you to trade any cars that are valued over 1,000,000 credits, but I'm sure I'll get over it soon.

I would rather see more race events and what not, then just new features that couldn't make it into the game on before release.

Pyscho_Mantis2727d ago

its cuz people were abusing it by duplicating rare cars and trading them. Soon rare cares like the Ferrari p4 and others were starting to become common so by doing this you will still have the excitement when you see one of these racing against you.

JAMurida2727d ago

Yeah, I understand that. But it just seems like one of those things that people who weren't abusing that feature suffer from it because of people who were... Basically, it sucks.

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