Gearbox Wants To Know If You Worked On Duke Nukem Forever

A game doesn't spend 14 years in development hell without featuring a revolving door of employees working on it. With the light at the end of the tunnel in sight (May 3rd to be precise), Gearbox wants to make sure that everyone gets their deserved credit. To help make this possible, they've recently launched a website where you can tell them when you worked on Duke Nukem Forever.

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aPerson2618d ago

Hopefully the credits don't take another 14 years!

Pillage052618d ago

zing! One of us should try to get our names on the credits just to see if we can lol. do it!

Zachmo1822618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Haha well i just tried it out. I told them i worked for McDonalds lol which is true.

Time to wait and see what happens.

DaBadGuy2618d ago

lol holy crap I never thought of the credits.

If they credit each and every person that worked on the game, the credits will be longer than the cutscenes in MGS4.

bwazy2618d ago

Does anyone watch the credits at the end of campaigns anyways? I mean, for other than "surprise" videos?...

I lawled at how many people thought Master Chief died in Halo 3 because they shut it off once the credits started rolling.

hellzsupernova2618d ago

they will be the longest credits in history lol

red2tango2618d ago

Who wants to make a bet HHG will make a huge headline like BUNGIE CREDITED FOR DUKE NUKEM! OTHER NEWS, NAUGHTY DOG MAKING X360 GAME!?