RoboAwesome's Two Worlds II | Review (Xbox 360)

Two Worlds II is one of those games that people might not take seriously. Some might not even give it the time of day just because of the horrid memories of the first Two Worlds. At least that’s what they tell me. I guess I lucked out and was never tempted to play the first one, so I did not have any preconceived notions. It’s always good to dive into a game with a clean slate. Everything seems fresh and new.

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Legion2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I didn't notice this arm thing myself..? But I did notice the glitch of running down the stairs and hitting that area where it thinks you are falling. The 100 ft thing is an exageration, as I lost only a little health and just healed myself. And learned to listen to my mom and not run up and down the stairs.

I did notice that many people who play this game don't realize there are multiple types of damage you can take from different creatures. And that you might be well defended against bludgeoning but maybe not so much against slashing damage?

I watched my friend get ripped apart by a gang of skeletons and wonder why they took him apart so quickly. Maybe he shouldn't run into the middle of a group of enemies??? And then he had a 20ft stone creature pummel him in 2 blows. Here is an idea... don't let that huge thing hit you!

Game is entertaining and I have just reached chapter 3 and still going strong... got about 51 game hours into already, sitting at level 37 with my character. Haven't touched online component yet, so can't relay how good or bad that might be. Most have actually liked it from what I have read.

Bigpappy2770d ago

Very insightful comments. Your are a true RPG guy. Not a perfect game because of technical issues. But as you pointer out:"Game is entertaining". That is the only reason I play games.

Tex1172770d ago

Im with you, the game is entertaining, but by hour 25 I was tired of it.

Only on level 37 at hour 51? What are you doing?!

I was at 34 in about 21 hours.

I realized that completing quests give way more experience than killing enemies, so if you just run past them and finish the quest, then you level up at lightining speed. Yes, I know that takes away the fun, but by that time, I just wanted to game to end.

Legion2769d ago

I'm not really into the running past and just getting to the end thing. I actually interact with all the characters that I can, and try to make sure I don't miss anything that is in the game. If that means opening every chest and picking every lock in the game then that is me.

Of course once I got my lock-picking achievment I went all brutal and started busting any lock and door that was over average level.

I messed around a lot with my Superman skills of being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I think my current magic card has jump ability boosted to 359% or something like that? I also maxed out a few weapons with some nice crystals and anything on the main island gets dealt with easily with a backhand swat.

I did like the way that the different chapters brought in stronger enemies. I was getting worried in the first chapter that I was so powerful but luckily ran into some stronger creatures in the latter chapters.

The 3rd level was a beast until I learned that my earthquake magic card gave me a little cheating death stab sometimes if it made the rocks appear inside the creature. That and my bow was maxed out good with some fast arrows.

But once again it appears I start writting a novel when discussing games I am playing.

But to end the reply... I do like the fact that I am finished with the game now but still able to wander the land and get some things achieved. I think I have killed EVERYTHING in the world though.ha