IO Interactive working on an 'unannounced AAA action title'

Job listings for IO Interactive have revealed that the developer is working on an 'unannounced AAA action title', which the studio describes as "one of the most exciting projects in IO Interactive's 10 year history".

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jony_dols2767d ago

Hmm this is either Hitman 5 or else maybe Hitman 5.....

Quagmire2767d ago

I would go with....Hitman...lemme see...5? Yea, I'd go with...5.

Caleb_1412767d ago

I think it could be Hitman, that can't be right, yeah, how dim of me, of course it can't be... I'm going with Hitman 5 instead

gravemaker2767d ago

WE NEED HITMAN! Nothing else!

KRATOS-PS32767d ago

I don't like Kane & Lynch to be honest. It isn't a bad game but just not my type of game. I want something completely new from them.

tablav2767d ago

I'm with you. I played through the 1st game and I just wasn't blown away at any point. The characters aren't likable, the story is melodramatic and the gameplay just isn't my cup of tea.

IO Interactive fans ARE Hitman fans. Just give the people what they want.

DeadlyFire2766d ago

K&L 3 might and likely will exist at some point. Hitman 5 is likely coming first.

tablav2767d ago

This had BETTER be Hitman 5. I swear, if I see one more bloody Kane & Lynch game, I'll go craaazzzzyyyyy!!!!

Agent_S2767d ago

Interesting, i'll take more details please.

Perjoss2767d ago

i'll see your details, and i'll raise you some sreenshots.

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The story is too old to be commented.