Bit-Tech: Bulletstorm Review

Regardless of smaller issues and the potential lack of pre-DLC multiplayer modes, it remains clear that Bulletstorm is a very exciting, hugely enjoyable action shooter. People Can Fly has benefited from having the expertise of Epic on its side, allowing the developer to provide the over the top action of Painkiller, but in a much slicker, more natural and successful way.

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Heavy_Rain2825d ago

Good score. Will try it sometime

Laika2825d ago

i might try it out when the price is dropped. not too impressed by the demo

ComboBreaker2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

make me want try the demo in the first place, so... that says alot about the game.

mcstorm2825d ago

Good score cant wait to pick this game up on Friday will be a long night of gaming.