The new Xbox Controller codenamed "Aberdeen" to hit SA Shores

Heading to South Africa and available on 4th March 2011, the new Xbox Controller codenamed "Aberdeen" may be something many local gamers have been looking for. The silver-matte controller offers customisable features and a few innovations giving 360 owners a choice when if comes to official controllers.


New "Aberdeen" Xbox 360 Controller Q&A
New information about the limited edition, silver, precision controller code named "Aberdeen"

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awiseman2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Ive never even heard of this. And the only problem with the Xbox controller is the D-Pad, other than that it surpasses the "competitors".

Wikkid6662826d ago

Old news for the rest of the world

Crazyglues2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

"Aberdeen" uh isn't that the exact same as the sliver one that's been out for awhile now.. what did I miss..

what's new -besides the name, I don't get it, it looks exactly the same

I still just like the glossy black xbox controller - wish they would add the new D-pad to that one... (with that little bit of silver on the D-pad it would look awesome on the all black one)


SlipperyMooseCakes2826d ago

This controller fixes the D-Pad. Hopefully they will start packaging it with the Xbox 360 in its normal color.

Bobby Kotex2826d ago

...which is pointless for the majority of us who already own a 360.

SlipperyMooseCakes2826d ago

@Bobby Kotex

I really see no difference in releasing a new controller and releasing a new console. People will trade in, sell, upgrade their controller just like the do their consoles to make their gaming experience better. Or just simply because it is the latest and greatest.

frjoethesecond2826d ago

Wow, for "awiseman" you seem to have a strong trolling habit.

TheLastGuardian2826d ago

Lol @ Microsoft. We don't have any games coming out this year but heres a new $60 controller to play your old games with.

frjoethesecond2826d ago

Even thought your trolling I kinda agree but mostly disagree. I mean it's there for people who want it. It's not like the old controllers are gonna stop working and you'll be forced to buy this one.

R2D22826d ago

Sony Exclusive Avater - Check
Sony Exclusive N4G name - Check
Sony Exclusive Troll Comment - Check

I think it safe to say that your a PS3 pole smoker.

coalsbud2826d ago

one of these showed up at the gamestop i worked at sometime after the holiday season. I didnt look closely at it but i loved the silver color and I thought it was weird how they took the color out of the buttons.

ufo8mycat2826d ago

Releasing a new controller makes sense when theres games to play on the platform...