Peter Molyneux Interested In PS3, Uncharted Rumored To Be Inspiration For The Creation

1. Tomb Raider Bringing In The Move Capability
2. Sports Champions 2, Featuring boxing, bass fishing, golf and more
3. Stacking - 10/10 Super Creative Addicting Game
4. HipHopRss News Feed - Nicki Minaj Goes Platinum

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the_best_player2657d ago

ooh more hip hop gamer lies again

NiKK_4192657d ago is he lying? maybe if yu watch he just was talking about the possibility, and it's not like it was farfetched or anything, so idk what you're goin on about

Anarki2657d ago

Shame Lionhead studios is owned by Microsoft(?)

DelbertGrady2656d ago

@NiKK_419 - By fabricating stories with no leads or sources at all besides his own crazy imagination and wish for internet fame?

punkpop1012656d ago

Anyone who gives a clear advantage over everything ps3 is honest and true didn't you knew?

KiasuKiasiMan2656d ago

If I remember correctly he was the first to break the news about Kratos in Mortal Kombat. Oooh, a new Sports Champions :)

Dee_912656d ago

what game did peter make ?

somerandomdude2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

I'm sure Peter Molyneux would love to run an independent company again. It is too bad all his studios keep getting taken over by bigger companies, I'd like to see more games from the original Bullfrog team.

Populous, Theme Park, Black and white

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Iroquois_Pliskin2657d ago

Peter Molineux, welcome aboard:)

tawak2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

what happened to milo and all those hype?

dragonelite2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

nice kick him away from the fable franchise im pretty sure i can do a better job atleast for the core players who want more depth.

But i find it hard to believe that the person who is Microsoft Europe creative director will make a multiplat game atleast not with micrsoft connection.

xtremeimport2657d ago

who wouldnt be interesting in making a game on the Ps3? fanboy or not....well, maybe just not...but from a gamers perspective its an amazing machine.

RedRedSuitSDF2656d ago

Let me guess... now PS3 fanboys are a fan of Peter's and want him to make a PS3 game now. LMAO... You can bet your ass that if he was to make a Milo game for Move... all of a sudden, that would be a hot game for PS3 only fans.

Army_of_Darkness2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Therefore, peter! Stay the [email protected]?k away from it!! I dont need no fable homo marriage bullshit! And while we at it. [email protected]!k milo too!

kreate2656d ago

i dont mind fable on ps3. although that wont happen. i really like fable. wish fable 3 wasnt so disappointing.

but if the game is good. why not support it?

maybe xbox fanboys are afraid few remainding xbox supporting studios are breaking off leaving xbox with only halo to play.

xtremeimport2654d ago

no, it'd still be shit and fable would still suck

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ActionBastard2657d ago

I don't know if I'd want another game of his that doesn't meet the expectations he sets.

Makidian2657d ago

Seriously, unless his excuse for making Fable progessively worse is that he is bored with the limitations of the Xbox and wants to challenge himself, but really, I highly doubt that is the reason.

trounbyfire2657d ago

when did you get 2 bubbles didn't you have one

Kon2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Nope. In fact i had 4.

SuicideShaun2657d ago

He should have more, I find him to be smarter then most of the rancid kiddies on this site. Bubbles for you kon. Keep saying your mind, forget what the others think.

XabiTheHumble2657d ago

I remember when I used to have 5 :-(

gypsygib2657d ago

What for, the games not great - I rather him make some new.

Killzone3___2657d ago

i agree with you , i want fable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zimmerman2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I felt my comment was too vague, so to clarify:

trounbyfire asked Kon if he had only one bubble at some point in time. Kon anwered this by saying he had four.

I was trying to subtly point out that Kon saying he had four bubbles doesn't answer the question.

Obviously he has had a number of bubbles other than four, 3 being a required number since he now has 2. Nowhere in this logic comes the conclusion that Kon DID NOT HAVE 1 bubble, ever. Just that he had 4.

I pointed out the number 3 as an allusion to this otherwise straightforward logic.

Judging by my agrees/disagrees, I think I overestimated how much anyone cares lmao

TheLastGuardian2657d ago

I wouldn't buy a fable game even if it did come to the PS3.


1st Fable was actually pretty good, 2nd was still good and 3rd felt too short of it's own promises (still, not a bad game).

Anyway, Fable is MS's property so even if Molyneux could work a way around to make a PS3 game I doubt it would be Fable.

Have to consider this is HipHopLamer with another unsourced article... And even if true, there is a lot of difference between saying your are interested in some piece of hardware and saying you are going to make a game for it. I would be interested to hear more anyway, Molyneux is a quite original and open-minded developer, God games wouldn't be without him. If he could just announce a new Black & White I would be pleased already.

TheLastGuardian2656d ago

^^^ I know that, I was replying to kon saying it was Fable coming to PS3. I'm not interested in fable. HHG is cool in my book.

thats_just_prime2656d ago

lets also not forget that the hiphopfangirl just admitted she's on $onys pay roll so she's probably just making up more BS about the xbox to keep those paychecks coming

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Paradise2657d ago