Test Drive Unlimited 2 - A message from The Producer

We are aware of the issues that some of our players are encountering. The development team is working around the clock to rectify the situation and provide players with the ultimate Test Drive Unlimited 2 experience. We appreciate your patience and your continued passion and will be updating you on the progress.

David Nadal
Head Producer, Test Drive Unlimited 2

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Sneak-Out2777d ago

Good Game, hope for a Patch soon

Psychotica2777d ago

I am really enjoying the game despite some nagging issues. The fact I can't skip cut scenes is really inexcusable. Also when I played my first B4 race, I had to trade in the car I wanted to keep and keep the car I wanted to get rid of(the pink mustang) for a 4x4. Not big things but still annoying.

Kon2777d ago

LOL i had the same issue. I was going to buy the Touareg for the B4 race but i had to sell the car i was using instead of that useless mustang. Instead of doing this i bough a new house with 4spaces in the garage =D

Veneno2777d ago

is this problem across all platforms? yeah i also remember downloading an update for TDU 1 and it wiped out my save and hard earned progress. I want TDU2 but I 'm afraid.

CommonCent2777d ago

The online is basically broken now, hope it gets fixed soon.

ian722777d ago

I will get this when I have a little more money.
Just wondering, can I use my Logitech GT wheel and pedals with this game on PS3? I'd rather use my wheel than a pad.