DC Universe Gamers Almost Evenly Split Between PC and PS3

This month's addition of an Egyptian-cursed Catwoman is just the first in what the creators of DC Universe Online hope will be monthly updates for the cross-platform online game.

"We want to add more stuff to the game on a monthly basis," Chris Cao, DC Universe game designer told Kotaku. "We want to add stuff that people want and we have a robust series of metrics to measure that."

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SuperKing2867d ago

I guess there is a future for MMO's on the PS3.

DFresh2867d ago

Only reason why a lot of MMOs have been coming to the PS3 is because of the fact that PSN Free and they can get away with charging a monthly subscription like they can on PC.

Xbox 360 barely has any MMOs simply for the reason that XBL is already a subscription based service and having 2 monthly subscriptions between an MMO/XBL just wouldn't work.

Still I'm glad MMOs are finding places to expand and move forward then just being on PC.
I always prefer to play MMOs on PC for the accurate controls with the mouse/keyboard.

SkyCrawler2866d ago

Nice. Hopefully the rumors about Blade and Soul also coming to PS3 is true. I think action mmo's could do really well on consoles.

Xfanboy2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

f2p might be better 4 me.. 3,400 costumes & allready bine updated over the years..

Baka-akaB2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

It wasnt good at launch , is meh right now , you dont have access to everything for free actually ... the pvp is a joke .

to each their own , but Champions isnt even half as good as City of heroes/Villain , let alone DCUO .

It went f2p because people were dropping it real quick , making the f2p model more viable financially . They saw it worked for Star trek , and proceeded likewise

plb2867d ago

I think most people who play MMO on PC play WoW...It has the largest majority of MMO share and 12+ million subscribers.

Baka-akaB2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Not true .

According to the Graphs MMO Revenues, published by Today’s Gamers, MMO players from the US, the UK, Germany, France and Netherlands combined amount to over 61 million .

And that's without the East being accounted for , given how unique and tricky some of their subscriptions system can be .

WoW is the biggest with subs , and maybe biggest period , but that's it .

Wich kinda prove that the mmo market is more than big enough for rivals . They just need to stop trying to kill WoW by cloning it , with less talented studios .

DirtyLary2867d ago

Thank you Captain Obvious.

Chaostar2867d ago

My girlfriends present to me on Valentines day is to not complain when I spend all day playing the updated content on DCUO :D

AssassinHD2867d ago

That sounds like a trap to me. She could indeed choose not to complain on Valentine's Day as your present, but it could come back to bite you at a later time if you actually spend all day playing a game instead of giving her attention.

Chaostar2867d ago

I'm gonna make her sign a waiver ;P

LMS2866d ago

looks sooo much better on pc....but both are dull and lifeless right now, the game has great possiblilities though, it's already dropping in price like crazy(it's $38 on amazon), When it hits the $20 mark, it will be a better game for less money