Mass Effect 2 Appearance Pack 2 DLC Out Now!

Last March, Bioware released a Appearance Pack for Mass Effect 2. This downloadable content gave characters Garrus, Thane, and Jack, a much needed make over. While that was awesome and all, the rest of Commander Sion Shepard’s crew was left with the regular outfits they started with.

Well for the people who wanted more outfits, now Miranda, Grunt, and Tali, get their own make overs, and they kick ass.

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m232537d ago

Screw costumes, give me more missions.

Baka-akaB2537d ago

they already said there would be something to be a bridge between me2 and 3

InfiniteJustice2536d ago

Hmmm a bridge from ME2 to 3. That could be pretty substantial, like Dragon Age's Awakening expansion. If it's quite important to the story I don't know how people will be able to miss out, which would mean a lot of money for Bioware

Baka-akaB2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Meh miranda's outfit doesnt look that different from the loyality black theme one ... only it's armorish .

I'm a tad dissapointed , even if i dont approve of costume dlcs anyway .

They did a second pack for characters that needed the least a new look

AKS2537d ago

I don't buy costumes. Well, occasionally in LittleBigPlanet, but how can you deny Sackboy. You can't.

Anyway, I'm waiting for new missions. The Shadow Broker DLC was epic and looked sick on my PC. I doubt the "bridge" DLC will match that, but I'm hoping for something exciting.

BTW, Kasumi's Rapid Shadow Strike is AWESOME for missions that don't include flying bosses. The cooldown is insanely fast. I recently bought the Kasumi/ Stolen Memories DLC after a lengthy holdout. She's works well with my Engineer on yet another Insanity run; I launch a drone to distract to make sure Kasumi survives when she uncloaks after the Shadow Strike.

teething2536d ago

Tali - meh

Grunt - me like. Too flashy?

Miranda - more realistic, but the hot is gone.