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"The science-fiction genre is home to a multitude of doomsday scenarios, ranging from the eruption of super volcanoes to an Avian Flu epidemic to meteors crashing into Earth. Imagine the following: in the not too distant future, a worldwide water crisis leaves many third-world countries without the precious resource, and, as a result, kills off most of their citizens. The United States doesn't fare very well either, especially in the drought-plagued Midwest. However, a game just about a water crisis wouldn't be too thrilling or engaging, so another problem is added - large scale earthquakes. In Chicago, around the same time as the massive drought, a 10.3 magnitude earthquake shocks the land and breaks it off from the mainland. Due to the extreme damage, rescue teams aren't able to get into the area and save the survivors."

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Drjft2712d ago

Watching the trailer and compiling a bunch of already known information doesn't constitute a 'preview' does it?

No acknowledgment of the fact it's going to be a digital download only title either.

Darkfiber2712d ago

It's not, Ubisoft already said it wasn't going to be digital download only, that was a joke, apparently.

MidnytRain2712d ago

Darkfiber is right, Drjft. This was confirmed as a joke a short while after it was said. I almost gave up hope in this title. It looked so cool at the E3 reveal, so I really want to know more about this game.

Darkfiber2712d ago

This entire article is "this game would be cool if...". No new info.

SkyCrawler2712d ago

Honestly, I gave up on this title.