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Two Worlds II is a leap forward for the fantasy action-RPG series. Character customization and development is very deep, from designing your own character’s appearance to the exponential crafting of weapons, equipment and magic. If you enjoy action fantasy role-playing games, you would do yourself an injustice to miss out on Two Worlds II.

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outlawlife2595d ago

I bought this game when kmart had it for 40 bucks and I gotta say it is way better than i expected...the multiplayer coop story is a lot of fun

the single player campaign is your standard western rpg, I thought a lot of reviews were pretty harsh on the game...especially IGN only giving the game a 6

xyxzor2595d ago

Yeah the multiplayer is a ton of fun.

SuperSaiyan42595d ago

This game is AWFUL!!! No way it deserves that how can some people review games and give games that are pathetic high scores?? There are soo many problems with this game and I could give a far better detailed review to the issues surrounding this game.

I expect Dragon Age 2 to get 10/5 then in this case!

shammgod2595d ago

Your credibility is out the window when everybody sees your profile picture

RedDead2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I would agree with you but I can't say shit

Tex1172595d ago

Its a good game if you are looking for some wRPG goodness and have some cash to burn before Dragon Age.

In a bargin bin, pick it up...Full retail...try and hold out for Dragon Age 2.