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Sega Tried Kinect Once, And It Didn't Go So Well

Microsoft's Kinect is currently the talk of the town. With its full-body, no-controller input, people are finding that for the first time they can play a video game without needing a controller. Those people obviously weren't around in 1993.

If they had been, they'd know that Kinect is actually the second attempt from a major video game manufacturer at selling a full-body, motion-sensing peripheral. The first came from Sega, and was released in 1993. (Kinect, Retro, Sega, Xbox 360)

PS3Freak  +   1460d ago
Too soon Sega, too soon.
CrzyFooL  +   1460d ago
Too soon executus!! You have tried motion control too soon!
gypsygib  +   1460d ago
Whatever gaming hardware idea people can think of, Sega probably made it first. They put minigames in a controller!
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danielle007  +   1460d ago
I think M$'s game plan with the Xbox
was to just take Sega's awesome ideas that failed because it was simply too soon, and perfect them. Dreamcast started online gaming for the consoles, then the Xbox took that idea and ran and started a new era of console gaming. And now they apparently took Sega's original idea for the full body controller nonsense, as well, and made Kinect, and also perfected that and sold a bajillion.

Poor Sega.
KingPin  +   1460d ago
A perfect example of microsoft: "we dont innovate, we duplicate."
danielle007  +   1460d ago
"and perfect."

So it works. I wouldn't say it's a flaw.
yewles1  +   1460d ago
"So it works."

Wenis  +   1460d ago
^Does Kinect not work?
Forbidden_Darkness  +   1460d ago
So true. I bet there are other examples of this too.
gamingdroid  +   1460d ago
I'm almost certain any idea you can throw out about any console release, I kind find a prior version in some form pre-dating the console introducing the feature.

Innovation is useless if it isn't usable. It's not about being the first, it is about the first to deliver a usable product.

Remember the PowerGlove? What about Sega MegaCD?
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Legion  +   1460d ago
Exactly... kind of like saying that the 3DS is basically just an updated Virtual Boy.
Otheros00  +   1460d ago
You mean kinect is forth. Why do they act like pseye and eyetoy never existed?
Oh right it's from kotaku.
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Vaud-Villian  +   1460d ago
Body tracking and sillouette tracking are completely different things.
mac_attack  +   1460d ago
The eyetoy didnt sell 8 mill either, whys that? Oh yea... "It was a disaster" lol
PSjesus  +   1460d ago
Kinect the fastest gaming peripheral in history
for one reason a lot of Sheep,who believe what M$ says
Legion  +   1460d ago
The saviour of Playstation (assuming by your name) is calling other people sheep. Classic...
BrianC6234  +   1460d ago
Are they serious? I had an Activator and it was garbage but it was nothing like Kinect. You just put it together and stood in the middle and moved your arms and legs around over some red lights. I don't think I'd compare it to Kinect. There was no camera or anything.
kagon01  +   1460d ago
Sega was way ahead of its time with their alien technology...
edonus  +   1460d ago
This is a joke right.....we are joking arent we.....No one is really comparing Kinect to this thing are they.

Kinect is so mmuch more adavnced than this thing...they are really nothing a like.
Legion  +   1460d ago
They are exactly alike... the same way that Madden ripped off my Coleco Electric Football!!!

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guitar_nerd_23  +   1460d ago
lol the tech may not be anywhere as good but thats probs about what i look like playing kinnect sports, the fight or eyetoy play haha
Raven_Nomad  +   1460d ago
It's nowhere near the same thing. A closer copy would be like between the Wii mote and the PS3 Move. Those things are so much alike it's not even funny.

Though I will say Sega was always far ahead with their tech and ideas.

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