3DS in NYC: Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D Preview |

Stephanie Palermo of Spawn Kill writes:

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D is an excellent launch window game to get kids interested itching to get a 3DS early. It’s a combination of game types. You’re able to explore and adventure, have the ability to collect items and learn new dinosaur facts, and throughout your adventure you’ll run into an enemy whom your dinosaur will then be pitted up against in a fight.

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ShadowPraxis2882d ago


In 3D!

What's not to like?

Seriously though, I loved me some dinosaurs when I was young. What kid didn't?

Snarkasaur2882d ago

Been waiting 20 years for this.

TruthbeTold2882d ago

Having only heard the title thus far, I hadn't realized that this was an actual fighting game. I'm going to have to at least check it out.