Dead Space 2 PS3 Vs 360 Screens Comparison

NowGamer: Dead Space 2 hits consoles this week, so NowGamer pits the 360 and PS3 versions of the game side-by-side to see which version is visually superior...

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Fishy Fingers2881d ago

Ha, yep, although you'll have to be pretty anal to actually look at the comparison, I've never seen one so poorly laid out.

Vherostar2881d ago

Hate these things but I agree nowgamer have the worst layout for these things.

Shogun Master2881d ago

Hands down the worst screenshot comparison I've ever seen.

DualConsoleOwner2881d ago

except the brightness setting on ps3.

But PS3 is getting Extraction with Move control.

so in essence, PS3 is getting 2 games for 1 price.

Pixelated_Army2881d ago

It's a decent port so will consider picking it up.

ExplosionSauce2880d ago

Uh...yeah in a way.

MmaFanQc2880d ago

they look exactly the same, well done viseral games.

R0me2880d ago

I clicked on link: "Where are teh screens?"
Ah not another link... *click*: *Me sees tiny pictures*
- rage quit -

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gypsygib2881d ago

If it comes from EA expect them to be identical, EA does the job right in terms of graphical equality. It's hard to believe but I think EA has become the best 3rd party publisher this gen, I have more of their games than anything.

skyward2881d ago

They look fairly identical for once. Still going to get it on PS3 though.

redwolf2881d ago

me three for dead space extraction

MmaFanQc2880d ago

me four since you get a free rail shooter

krouse932880d ago

I was going to, but I played the first on PC with headphones. And nothing beats that experience in my opinion.

joydestroy2881d ago

woah they are actually identical. nice!

TimmyShire2881d ago

They're the same. Maybe people can stop with this kind of thing.

The Meerkat2881d ago

If Sony stop saying that the PS3 is as powerful as Skynet.

Every one of these comparisons is a slap in the face for Sony.

Even when they look the same the 360 wins a moral victory. Because its always portrayed as the underdog.

ksense2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

well if developers made the game to the strengths of each system you will see the ps3 version will be superior but they are not going to waste money doing two different versions of the same game and hence they try to make it look equal on both platforms to not piss anyone off.

so stop with the moral victory bs because they are not going to spend time on one system to make it look superior like exclusive studios do.

Please show me an exclusive game that looks as good as god of war 3 or uncharted 2 on xbox and then we will talk. Geara of war is the only game that comes close.

Joni-Ice2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

@ The Meerkat.....Sony saying their system is powerful has nothing to do with multiplatform games. If I made a game multiplat I would try to make it identicle. WHY? So both MS and Sony will have the same game for their customers. Now if Sony says I want to make a game just for Playstation thats when they can brag about how powerful the PS3 is because they could make that game using all the PS3's capabilities. So thats why you get games like KZ, GOW, Uncharted etc, and thats why Sony can say the PS3 is powerful.

TreMillz2881d ago

whats more of a slap is that theres barely a 360 game that looks better than old ps3 exclusives ex: MGS4, Uncharted.

TheTruth892881d ago

when your faulty console can reach killzone 3 and uncharted 3 level call me please.

redsquad2881d ago

"moral victory"... oh dear. I'll be getting an identical game on PS3, with HD Dead Space Extraction... Sounds like I come out better off, sunshine.

Denethor_II2881d ago

"Even when they look the same the 360 wins a moral victory. Because its always portrayed as the underdog."

When it comes to multi-plats the PS3 is always the underdog. I enjoyed your silly little impassioned speech though lol.

gypsygib2881d ago

Not as powerful as skynet, just more powerful than 360....

TheShow012881d ago

Meerkat !!! llliissteennnn toooo mmeeee veryyyy careefullllyyy and ttryyy tooo gettt it throouughhh that thickkkk skulll offf yourrrss !!!!

multi-platform games do not utilize hardware to their full potential because its on both platforms meaning they both have their advantages and dis-advantages that is why multi-platform games look the same.... on the other hand exclusives take advantage of full hardware capabilities .... like you see with god of war 3, uncharted 2, killzone 2, etc.


TheShow012881d ago

LOOOLLLL meeeeeeerrrrkkatttt sttayy withh mee ...I hope you understand ... dooo uuu undeerrsttannnddd ? UU MMUUSTTT unnndeerrstannddd mmicccrooossooffttt isss brraainnnwassshiinggg uuuuu !!!! muhahahahaaa

Anon19742880d ago

It's funny that the myth of PS3 being weaker on multiplats still exists after all these years. What is this even based on?

Back in 2007, the majority of reviewers agreed, multiplat games were better on the 360. In 2008 things started to even out and when we looked at average scores, multiplats on the PS3 and 360 pretty much tied. In 2009, things shifted with the majority of multiplats scoring the same or higher on the PS3.

During this time we had sites like Eurogamer and Lens of Truth running comparisons of a fraction of games and for most of their comparisons we simply had to take them at their word because the changes they were talking about were mostly imperceivable unless hooked up and run through special software. Occasionally we had games with noticeable differences, like Final Fantasy or Bayonetta, but these games were few and far between.

Yet despite what the vast majority of reviewers are telling us over and over again, that the PS3 is most certainly not getting the short end of the stick overall, there is still a segment of the gaming community that choses to ignore hundreds of professional reviewers opinions in favor of sites run by 3 or 4, twenty somethings that talk about differences so unnoticeable that the average gamer doesn't have a hope in hell of ever verifying if what these people are saying is actually true - and ignoring the fact that they only do these comparisons on a handful of multiplats released each year.

I just don't understand how this idea has persisted over the years despite the evidence to the contrary.

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Somnipotent2881d ago

i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who is sick of these retarded comparisons.