Halo 3 How-to: Forge Basics

What Is The Forge?

In the beginning, there was a single sniper rifle on Colossus. And it was not so good. One of the new multiplayer features introduced in Halo 3 is the Forge. The Forge is an object layout editor, a tool to allow players to rework the various weapons, vehicles, and scenery that Bungie's multiplayer designers have thoughtfully placed around Halo 3's multiplayer maps. Better still, the Forge is a multiplayer editor in every sense of the word: you can enlist the aid of a few friends to edit a map with you, in the same game, over the usual gamut of multiplayer situations (splitscreen, system link, or Xbox Live.) Of course, any gathering of friends inevitably devolves into shootings. Fortunately, the Forge also plays host to a variety of novel combat conditions, and even a couple of peculiar games made possible by the lax rules and on-the-fly editing.

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Capt CHAOS3835d ago

Can't wait for this.. It's going to add even more gameplay time to Halo than the online did to Halo 2 over Halo 1.

Bleem3603834d ago

Level editing is of course a great idea and should be well implemented if Bungie have had anything to do with it.


I'm really quite pained that Halo 3 is getting mainly attention due to it's Multiplayer modes. Sure, lots of people enjoy playing over Live! but I'm one of those people who prefers the single player campaign. I just hope they've put as much effort in to pleasing the single players as much as they have the live! users.

Capt CHAOS3834d ago

it'll be fun to play it again and again, especially in co-op with friends, making new discoveries together.. and doing the usual - trying to climb out of the map!

jax073834d ago

Someone posted once that the Forge was innovative. People are getting excited over this feature when I am more than positive it is in EVERY Time Splitter game. You can set every thing from weapons to vehicles, respawn points, health and power ups, as well as create the damn level itself. Halo is an average shooter that does little no other shooter has before it.

zonetrooper53834d ago

Forge is pretty much Garry's Mod in a sense.