DC Universe Online Video: Hive Moon Base

PS Blog EU: We’ve got a brand new, high-level alert scenario to share with you after the launch of DC Universe Online last week.

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Bolts2650d ago

Can't wait to play this alert. Looks awesome.

Brewski0072650d ago

Got it today....waiting for the install to complete..... so so long :( .. can't wait to play

gorebago2650d ago

this particular alert was incredibly hard...but fun

ikkeweer2650d ago

Damnit, getting this this week. I wouldn't even have considered it if I hadn't played the Beta. Putting ME2 on hold for this, which is a big deal for me.
What's the best/most fun powers to get?

NoOoB1012650d ago

Im lvl 11 right now on server blood will run as a villian..anyone who wants to join me pm me for my id and char name =]

gtafan2650d ago

This game looks like a lot of fun. I feel stupid for not getting it already. Will get but school starts tomorrow. I will get it anyway!

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