The Last Story "Not Possible" Anywhere Other Than on Wii

VGChartz: One thing he said was that the game would not have been possible on any other platform than the Wii. The reason? ”The Last Story appearing on another platform isn’t possible because......

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R_aVe_N2891d ago

I find that to be very unlikely. This game could have been done on any system.

Wenis2891d ago

Nope this game pushes the Wii to its full potential and we all know the Wii has much more potential than 360 and Ps3.

Godmars2902891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

You forgot a sarcasm tag.

The true reason its unlikely is that devs don't want to put in the time for HD level graphics. Probably is doubly true of publishers and costs.

Can't help but read this and think how big a mistake it was to rush into this console gen. That no real consideration was taken as to the direction it should have gone.

Digitaldude2891d ago

Where else can we find Hd graphics?

reynod2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

They are releasing the HD version for the PC, via dolphin. They do not feel PS3 or the Xbox 360 are good enough to run the game in HD, hence its a Dolphin exclusive.

Blacktric2891d ago

Such a coincidence. Jim Sterling's latest Jimquisition video is about people b*tching about The Last Story being on Wii only.

hay2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Could be, both Sony and MS wouldn't acknowledge SD game being released on their consoles. /jk

But seriously I would love to know why is that. "team worked so closely with Nintendo” isn't enough.
Does that mean the game cannot be on other consoles because Last Story is exclusive...?

MidnytRain2890d ago

You know, Godmars290, I feel for Wenis. Come on, guys. You can't all be that dim. Sometimes (actually, alot of the time) a sarcasm tag isn't even necessary, it was just obvious. If you can't tell Wenis was being sarcastic, then you're not too bright.

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sinncross2891d ago

They could easily just up the resolution and make it a download title for XBLA and PSN.

But when they said they worked close to Nintendo, doubtful yeah.

EYEamNUMBER12891d ago

be real here everyone always says they can just put in on XBLA/PSN seriously now just how many times has that actually EVER happened?

also as everyone by now knows nintendo helped develop this game as well as them having rights to this game

sinncross2891d ago

I thought I point out that my 'doubtful yeah' was because I doubted a release outside of the Wii...

AWBrawler2890d ago

I hear the Fire Emblem writers helped out with the story. So Thats one reason.

fatstarr2891d ago

”The Last Story appearing on another platform isn’t possible because our team worked so closely with Nintendo.”

no one reads storys anymore

LoaMcLoa2891d ago

Finally someone says it! Thank you. Good to know that atleast one person on N4G has common sense.

Speaking of which, why do people always say that everytime a Wii-game is going to be ported, it should release on the XBLA/PSN? So they game isn't as valuable as the others just because of not-as-good graphics? Jesus...

DigitalAnalog2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

It's the same exact reason why the Sly Cooper Collection is not possible on other systems since the IP is published by SONY.

Just another flamebait title from... Oh lookie here -- VGChartz.

-End of Line

VictoriousB132890d ago

Dumbass, he wasn't talking about the hardware, he was talking about how it was only possible on Wii because of the relationship with Nintendo. The game wouldn't have been able to come about the way it has on another console.

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Tommykrem2891d ago

"This game is not possible because our team worked so closely on Nintendo"? That's like saying that Killzone 2 isn't possible on any other console because the IP is owned by Sony.

When people ask if it would be possible on any other console they ask if it would be technically possible to do on another console, not if it would be financially possible or possible for copyright reasons.

God, next they say that the game isn't possible on any other console, because Wii is that only console that will run Wii games.

Soldierone2891d ago

Its just nintendo trying to jump on the "its only capapble on our console" wagon. Sadly two fanboy boats know for a fact its stupid bs and its the only time these boats will argue with each other.

matey2891d ago

HD consoles are limited at things like major prototyping and trial and error HD consoles 99% of the time keep the gameplay of ps2/xbox and just beef up the graphics its the only way u can get the clean crisp no jaggie look as evolving gameplay ect is time consuming and never happens on the HD twins its called budget and not even 1st party games like God of war ps3 got evolved gameplay just same game in a shinier package same with GT5 its GT4 ps2 in terms of gameplay just shinier,This is the trend on HD consoles same game same gameplay better graphics so same experience on ps3 as ps2 just in HD same as 360 just an xbox with better graphics not exactly next gen if u ask me so yeah Last Story is proof that without HD u can evolve the whole game not just graphics and this is the 1st wii game to kick other wii games in the bollocks 4 under achieving.

pain777pas2891d ago

Sakaguchi san has stated numerous times that because of Ken Kataguri you will not see Mistwalker games on the PS3 or the PSP. What happened to Xbox? Could be related to their lack of Japanese presence? I think that if things went differently with BD and LO they would have released it for the Xbox. Maybe some resentment for them pursuing FF13 aswell... Who knows? Have to admit this looks like one of the best JRPGs I've seen in a while. Just like the original FF Sakaguchi is making the "this is my last game statement". This should sell very well in Japan. The game does "look" good.

Dac2u2890d ago

Matey, seriously, at least try to punctuate. That is the absolute, worst run-on sentence I've ever seen. I'm sorry, I'm not usually a grammar nazi, but COME ON! Rofl, you put a comma in the center of your block of text, did you really think that that would help make your "sentence" more readable?

pcz2890d ago

why do you assume they mean financial backing from nintendo, they could mean creative input! but again, everything to a sony and microsoft fan is money money money, hd hd hd. creativity comes last. the gameplay comes last.

last story is only possible on the wii because of nintendos creative influence over the game. same with mario, if sony made a mario game, it would be totally shit (see spyro the dragon.) if it was a sony product, it would be devoid of life, devoid of creative flair... oh but pretty to look at.

Tommykrem2890d ago

I don't assume that they mean financial backing. I didn't write that I assumed it either.

And hey, see early Spy the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot before it left Sony as publisher, or the quality of Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and Sly. I'm not saying that Mario isn't the platform king, because he most certainly is, but don't tell me that Sony can't make a creative game and lively game. Like... I don't know, Game of the Year winner LittleBigPlanet?

Just because they still master adult genres (unlike Nintendo) doesn't mean they can't make some great games).

Besides, do you think Nintendo made Wii Fit+, Wii music and Wii Play because they wanted to revolutionize the game industry or make a really good game? No, they made it because of the damn money. Sony's actually the only company that has still lost money on this generation of consoles.

AWBrawler2890d ago

Spyro was pretty damn good IMO. It was no mario, but still good.

pcz2890d ago

The point that was made in this article went right over your head.

Lets just clear this up... Spiro, bandicoot, gex, ratchet and clank and all these other mario clones are total shit, and not even worthy of being in the same sentence as mario. They may be acceptable on playstation, but on a nintendo console those games would be bargain bucket material because they would be on a console with great platform games. Actual great platform games. lol little big planet as game of the year? on playstation maybe.

By adult i guess you are talking about games that are grey and brown, have lots of swearing, blood, and nudity. Yes, very mature. Sony are masters of the teenager mentality of what is considered 'mature.'

Wii music is a waste of space, yes, but wii fit was actually something ingenious. Of course, like any other company nintendo is motivated by money, but for your money, you get a good product. Sony lose money because their business model is stupid. They sell every console at a loss, nintendo don't. Sony's product is over priced, nintendo's is affordable.

And people can argue forever about which console is the best, but smart people know the best console is the one with the best games, not graphical horsepower. And this is the point made in the article, last story is not possible on any other console, because of what nintendo offered creatively to the project. If they made a last story with sony on board, it wouldn't have been the same game.

I think this is what sony fans just don't understand, and why sony/microsoft fans call nintendo fans morons- because they don't hold nintendo's creativity with any value. they only value polygons, budgets and screen resolutions.

Tommykrem2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

And so this conversation lost all objectivity. I don't even want to argue with the sentence above. Sony sells at a loss, but their product is overpriced? God, PS2 costs less than the Wii, it has more great games and since you don't care about graphical evolution anyway, PS1 and N64 would be obvious picks above Wii as all. Besides, what is a Wii without a few controllers, with nunchucks and Wii motion Plus. Wii is more expensive than it looks on paper.

You're making me sound like I hate Wii now, because you're so incredibly narrow minded. I'll admit that I care about technical evolution, and not very much about motion technology. That's why my first choice of console this generation was PS3. But sure Wii is a great console, it has great games and the technology is absolutely interesting when used right.

If PS3 fans only care about graphics, how come some of the best selling items on PS Store are PS1 games (and don't even begin saying that PS Store is worse than Wii Store). 360 and PS3 are the consoles that get Megaman remixes in 8-bit for the sake of nostalgia, but first person shooters, racing simulators and huge open world games have become a lot better by improving technically.

So while games like Final Fantasy VII and Mario will always be as fun, because the core gameplay elements aren't hindered by technical flaws. While games like Syphonfilter and Goldeneye 64 aren't really that fun to play 20 years later (apart from the nostalgia) because you've actually gotten something that is better, just because it's technically superior.

Believe it or not, techical performance is a part of the fun factor in games, that's why Nintendo have made new consoles in stead of fitting a remote add-on to the NES. And to be fair, 360 and PS3 are less about processing power than the Wii is about Motion tech. You get a lot more really good third party developed games on 360 and PS3, and therefore also more variety. Nintendo may very well be the best developer in the world, and kudos to them for single handedly making the games needed to sell a console, but I prefer having many different developers, with different tips and tricks to making games from different genres for different people.

And another thing Nintendo lacks: Games that tell great stories. No More Heroes is a great example of story telling, sure, but that games is actually available on PS3 and 360 now as well, because third party titles on Wii don't sell. Mass Effect, Metal Gear, Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto, and many more are a few examples of games telling serious stories, something Wii actually lacks.

To conclude: Wii = great, some really fantastic, creative games from Nintendo and and a lot of shovelware, and lack of new exclusive IPs and games carrying emotional or artistic depth. PS3 = great, touching most genres and has lots of quality games, but expensive (and God was it quiet in 2007). 360 = great, touching many genres, though mostly shooters, excellent online service, but a bit unreliable.

All consoles are damn great, please deal with it. Not really possible to do a bad choice this generation, as all consoles are great, and definetly worth their price tag. So stop being so damn prejudiced saying that everyone who didn't buy a Wii care more about graphics than having a good time.

Besides, I said Wii Fit + not Wii Fit.
Now this conversation should be goddamn done!
(This post is longer than anything I've ever seen)

Shok2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

It isn't possible on other systems because it's not a shooter.........

I kid I kid.

HarryMonogenis2891d ago

I guess this renders that petition I saw a few days ago useless...

matey2891d ago

Its not possible because of its sheer size and Mario club did the debugging and cleaning of graphics plus it got 2 years instead of 1 year in its prototype stage twice as long as what FF7 got ect and its all these things that make it only possible on wii oh the graphics are better than the mojority of 360 games so im getting there point to do this game in HD wouldnt be possible without 6 years dev time its too big the memory gets sucked up in HD because of ultra high detailed textures ect and the gameplay is the 3rd time Mistwalker have turned it up a notch last time being FF7 its been in dev for 4 years look at GT5 that took 6 years and its still has bugs/glitches no Nintendo 1st party game has glitches Nintendo strive to make glitch free games and this alone makes it impossible 4 this quality in HD

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