Black Mesa: "There's not a lot left to go" - Say the Developer

The developer team of Black Mesa, the upcoming Half-Life 2 Mod, speak about the delays: "We weren't able to keep up the pace to finish the game for our 2009 deadline, mostly due to family/work/school commitments. There's not a lot left to go, we're basically just fixing and improving things." More infos screenshots and a video of Black Mesa in this article.

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Dramscus2805d ago

Please. I've been waiting ages already.

TronEOL2805d ago

I'm with you on that one. I've been following this mod for what feels like forever, and it's still not out. Only thing we can do is wait though. This looks to fantastic to pass up.

Perjoss2805d ago

heh its feels like so long ago since i first heard about this mod. Beem
n impressed with everything ive seen so far, I cannot wait to play this!

thor2805d ago

It's getting more outdated by the day, though. The whole point was to update Half-Life 1 so that it didn't look so outdated - well it would have worked 2 years ago. Now the Source engine is looking pretty outdated itself.

toaster2805d ago

Source still puts 80% of console games to shame ;) Pretty good for a 6 year old engine.

thor2805d ago

It might put console games to shame, but where those console games have a PC version it usually looks better than anything Source has produced.

jony_dols2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )


Yeah, Source puts all Sony's 1st party engines to shame.
Uncharted and Killzone can't compete with Valve's 6 year old engine. sarc/

Anyway I've been waiting for Black Mesa for years. And I hope to god it comes out soon! I love the way Source can run perfectly on my 3yo mid spec laptop!

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DigitalAnalog2805d ago

Just like the PS3's version of ME2 porting it's assets to the ME3 engine.

That would be just.................siiiiiiii iickk!

-End of Line

jony_dols2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

They already moved it too the newer version of Source which HL2 Episode 2 used.

So to answer your question, they have.

DigitalAnalog2805d ago

Oh right, I forgot to mention - I'm talking about the Source engine running on Portal 2.

-End of Line

hassi942804d ago

It's not like it'd make much difference DigitalAnalog. Te ME2 on ME3 engine hasn't been tweaked to ues the ME3 engine to it's full potential, in fact it looks exactly the same as regular ME2.

Same as when valve ported Half Life to Source, only made it look a little better and the physics run better. The textures and actual look of the game were the same.

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Cajun Chicken2805d ago

Always good to hear an update. :)

outwar60102805d ago

i'm not very good with all this tech stuff(im a console gamer by nature lol) but didnt they release a mod for half life 1? if so can i use it with my version that i bought off steam? and can someone plz tell me how to map my 360 wired controller so it works(im using a netbook and yh its difficult)

The_Count2805d ago

Yo need to already own a source engine game on steam for it to work. The mod is free though.

TABSF2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Really looking forward to this one.

@ outwar6010 - If you have 1 Source game on Steam you can get any mods, HL1 is not included unless its HL1: Source.
Pads works by going into the game menus, not sure if only games do this on PC, check Windows device manager.

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The story is too old to be commented.