'Minecraft 1.2' Update Guide [Game Rant]

John Jacques of Game Rant writes, "Now the biggest content update since Halloween has hit the world of Minecraft, and users are in for a gigantic treat. Notch and company have added a flurry of new features just waiting to be utilized, and we here at Game Rant have built a quick guide for those of you eager to return to the mines."

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Kran2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I dont want that kind of cake in Minecraft. I want a black forest cake.

ct032888d ago

Which moron would disagree with this? Play Portal, you ignorant bastard.

Zorda20972888d ago

Perhaps the phrase is so boring to read/hear after the hundreds of times.

RockmanII72888d ago

what Zorda said. The 'cake is a lie' thing was cool at first but its gone too far. Seriously EVERY TIME someone even says the word cake 20 people come running saying the cake is a lie.

Internet Meme - A short phrase, picture, or combination of the two that gets repeated in message boards and Barrens chat for far, far longer than anything ever ought to be.

Timesplitter142888d ago


Lamarthedancer2888d ago

Really hope Notch adds wallpaper, furniture and different lighting soon. My house seems empty.

I wouldn't mind, and this is a tad extreme, a tram to fit on the mine track

but it would be really hard to craft and you have to have really rare materials. Get around your island quicker...although it's basicaly asking for a train.