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Set in 2023, three years after the events of the first game, Crysis 2 exchanges the foliage of the jungle for the steel and concrete of iconic New York City. This "urban jungle" has fallen under invasion by an alien force bent on the destruction of humanity. Amidst the chaos of a crumbling metropolis only one supersoldier, using the newly enhanced Nanosuit, has a chance of stopping this unrelenting threat to the world.

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Jio2891d ago

Looks amazing, just sold my black ops and pre-ordered it

SpitFireAce852891d ago

To many great games need more $$$$

LBP2 1/18/11
MassEffect 2 01/18/11
KillZone 3 2/22/11
Homefront 03/08/11
Crysis 2 03/22/11

Just some of the games i want...

Kon2891d ago


Pandamobile2891d ago

Why start shit with such an obvious and unneeded comment?

Ratchet5102891d ago

weak, pc gaming is not popular like consoles that is why you need kinect's help lol. KZ3 will always be superior in gameplay, graphics and online to crysis 2. crysis 2 low reviews and weak gameplay actions lol, better than halo i admit.

Kon2891d ago

" KZ3 will always be superior in gameplay, graphics and online to crysis 2" LMAOOOOO KZ2 better than Crysis 2 in graphics. Thanks for the laugh.

LunaticBrandon2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

First time trolling?

WhiteNoise2891d ago

I'm sure crysis 2 will be good but I don't think it will be the Second Comg(TM) that crytek are making it out to be.
Bulletstorm, Brink and Rage all look better.

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