In Memory of....., United Nations Space Command's Museum

The war has ended. Years has passed by. Journey back with the heroic Marines who fought in the greatest battle for the world has ever seen. Listen to their testimonies about mankind darkest hour ......., and the one man who lead them to victory. Journey with them.

United Nations Space Command welcomes you to the Museum.


Link to Museum....

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ISay3904d ago

this is just amazing, im not a fan of halo but the story looks like it might be worth a try this time.

Ugly American3904d ago

The Story has always been worth it. I don't necessarily believe that you should have to find sources OUTSIDE of a game to enrich the games experience, but after reading the books, the graphic novel, and immersing myself in the entire Halo-verse since Halo 1, I believe this is one of the richest, deepest, and moving stories I have ever experienced. These ads are just bringing it into more of the mainstream.

slak3903d ago

I agree am reading the books now the story is crazy its worth it

Azures3903d ago


over hyped game for the beginning, now its just becoming too much.

i say this as an FPS fan, halo has always been mediocre. bioshock alone is far more worthy a gaming experience than this will be, guaranteed...yet this game gets all of microsoft's marketing attention.

mboojigga3903d ago

ignorant comments have been too much. I still don't get how you or others like you with these type of comments give this much time to a game you don't feel deserves the hype let alone your own time to play it. Simply shut the fu*k up and let it go. That is the beauty of games and different consoles. I enjoy Bioshock, Halo, BF2142, Ninja Gaiden, Dead Or Alive. The point is if everything played the damn same way or had the same type of story(Halo under the water story give me a fuc*ing break) Give me Mr Bubbles of the Covenant.

End rant for ignorant wasted comments that shouldn't take ANY of your time. Don't know how a story like this catches your eye to actually click a link to take the time just to make a comment.

nobizlikesnowbiz3903d ago

Bioshock is an awesome, original, refreshing, orgasmic game that I love.

But I love Halo more. I like the story in Halo better though. IMO futuristic space marines are more realistic than a doped up city under the sea in the 50's-60's.

I'm a serious FPS fan. I've played PC classics, as well as console shooters dating back quite a while. Halo sucked me into shooters like no other shooter-PC or console. Why can't you just appreciate this for what it is...the MOST anticipated game in history IMO.

Or you just couldn't resist taking a shot at Halo because you hate it for no real reason.

Halo/Gears = most fun I've had in online gaming. I've played CS. I've played BF1942 like a fiend. I used to even play AvP: Gold all the time. No shooter has ever done what Halo has done IMO. Halo brings all the great things together, into one easily accessible user-friendly game.

power of Green 3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

He's just a Sony fanboy hating its strange for a person sick of hearing about Halo and thinks the game isn't great to waste his time commenting on all Halo threads. All the PS3 games I think are rubbish hyped up garbage I usually just skip not wasting my time in the threads.
Halo's marketed and popular the haters are hyping it.

This is why he commented.

Xbox 360 Tag: - NONE
PS3 Tag: - ShiroRX
Mii Tag (Wii): - NONE

Hayabusa 1173903d ago

You don't have a gamertag, let alone have played Bioshock. If any game is overhyped, it's Bioshock, considering how the developers said it would re-invent the FPS genre. Pfft. My a$$. Bioshock is linear and average. But show me one comment where Bungie themselves said "Halo 3 will re-invent FPS games"?

Azures3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I have Bioshock for PC. I've played both Halo and Halo 2 extensively, so start accusing me of just blinding hating on it. I've played them, and they were w/e.

The single player story was never that interesting. The multiplayer is forgettable in this day and age; Warhawk, Call of Duty 4 anyone? Played both and outshine Halo totally.

I love how even 360 fans like these guys turn against a game like Bioshock simply to defend Halo. Disgusting.

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Venom_Blood3903d ago

The page you tried could not be found. You may have used an outdated link or typed the URL incorrectly. anybody else got this?

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