PSP's GPS receiver gets pricetag and release date

Sony Computer Entertainment BeNeLux announced a price and release date for the GPS receiver for the PlayStation Portable, reports dutch website

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djt233903d ago

it is german....releaase date
also it is waste of money

Babylonian3902d ago

It's the BeNeLux release date. Which include Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. And it's pretty nifty if you read what it can do. So if you can't read Dutch then translate it from a site or something.

TheMART3902d ago

Yeah seen this live, it's a nice service. For 99 Euro, although it's not cheap I would like it in a white PSP slim for sure.

I already have route navigation on my Qtek S100 but this screen is much larger, the software seems more flexible and because of the processing power it'll be having more functions.

Although the games are still not enough... Waiting for God of War on the PSP...

sabbath4203902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Wow I must admit this is a great idea. Two good ideas in a row. Sony is still gay.

BIadestarX3902d ago

I probably get me one of this.. if it is any good.

jackie chann3902d ago

This is a great buy for anyone with a PSP and no tomtom or GPS phone. Maybe even for those wanting a bigger screen even though they already have a TomTom.

As for me, I bought an e90 a week ago :)

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