Tomb Raider Trilogy coming to PS3?

According to Amazon, a Tomb Raider Trilogy is coming to PS3.

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Chris3992889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Playing on a newish Slim and it's frozen a bunch of times as well as had graphical glitches.

This is a common issue too, the official forums have tonnes of complaints. I won't be buying another Ubi HD-remaster anytime soon and it's made me generally wary of these reduxes now. They're not even 1/2 the quality of the God of War/ Sly ones.

I'd recommend checking reviews and particularly forums before making any HD-remaster purchase.

imvix2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Anyone would be better of buying the games on PC. Buying HD remakes now there isnt even any gaurantee these ramakes will work on the PS4. Atleast with PC its assured people can keep playing their old games.

Hell i recently seen GOW1&2 running on pc looks awesome. Tombraider games have always run great on PC. Recently played tombraider anniversery few months back ran great in 1080p, next up i might be playing Legend which i got free with the purchase of gaurdian of light.

Edit: lol thats a crazy price to pay for such old games 29euros eekk. Last i saw tombraider underwold on discount on D2D for 7usd, the other games would be even cheaper.

Godmars2902889d ago

When has GOW, unless you're talking about Gears, ever been on PC?

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Ever heard of emulators?

imvix2889d ago


Emulation is your friend. PS2 emulation on PC works like a charm. Its cool such good emulators exist it allows for us to play older games when companies drop support. Also who knows if PS4 will play any of the currrent remakes people are buying. IMO Emulators are a good back up plan for old games.

badz1492888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

looks like I'm not going to buy PoP Collection now. I was worried a bit about it though but now that you've mentioned it, yeah, Ubisoft SUCKS! I'll put my money somewhere else! ICO Collection is a good place! don't blame me for loving all these classics, I've never played GoW 1&2, Sly 2&3 and PoP 2&3 (not going to happen now though) and ICO & SoTC due to when they were released I was just a student with not enough money to spend on gaming! now that I'm employed, HD Collections are like my treasure boxes! comes with platinums too! <3

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ULTIMATE_REVENGE2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

The PS4 will only play PS4 & PS3 games, Sony have ditched B.C to make money form remastered versions. I don't even think these remastered HD versions sell well, because not everyone is that stupid to fall for them, I know fanboys buy them but that's about it.

Nothing will ever beat playing a PS2 or PS1 game during it's prime days. I mean I literally couldn't play Crash Bandicoot 1 (PSN) for more than 5 minutes, whereas back in 1996 I could spend hours playing it.

BoNeSaW232889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Exactly how many remastered HD versions of games do you think there are from Sony??? GOW,SLY and Ico/Shadow are the only ones I can think of(And almost 2 Million sales of GOW collection,VGchartz) does mean it sold well.
The Collections were all used to promote a upcoming games. They are not remastering every IP to try to double dip or Rape your wallet or we would have had dozens of HD remakes by now. Fans are crying for HD collections and Sony is delivering a Select few that were great games not mediocre crap! Thanks Sony! Bravo! For not shoveling dozens shitty remakes at us.
Why do you think Super Mario Bros. Series has been remade a 100 times for every Nintendo Console? Because it's a great game and Deserves it!
The Important thing to remember Ultimate, you are waaaay to smart to fall for Sonys EVIL scheme to release a HD remastered Version of CLASSIC games with improved FRAMERATE,GRAPHICS,TROPHIES,3D ,MOVE Support,LOW PRICE $39 and the COMPLETE SERIES on ONE DISC. Stupid fanboys are getting screwed over big time right?

EDIT: BTW,One reason Sony ditched B.C was to spur sales of PS3 software not cater to the used PS2 game industry.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

"BTW,One reason Sony ditched B.C was to spur sales of PS3 software not cater to the used PS2 game industry."

They did that due to PS3 software suffering in sales and it still is.

"The Important thing to remember Ultimate, you are waaaay to smart to fall for Sonys EVIL scheme to release a HD remastered Version of CLASSIC games with improved FRAMERATE,GRAPHICS,TROPHIES,3D ,MOVE Support,LOW PRICE $39 and the COMPLETE SERIES on ONE DISC. Stupid fanboys are getting screwed over big time right?"

HD remastered versions only exist due to the amount of trouble Sony are having with the PS3, even now they're making such a small profit off of the PS3. What about people who can no longer play their PS2 games due to them selling their PS2's in order to buy a PS3?

Even if the remastered version has flippin 4K resolution I'm not going to buy what I already have due to Sony's dumbass decision to remove B.C. It's idiots like you who agree with bad decisions helping Sony screw more people over.

Sony's just as greedy as MS these days.

DigitalAnalog2889d ago

There are people who may have missed playing the old PS2 games. Heck, even if my PS3 had B.C. I would be hard pressed to find said PS2 games, especially when you live in a different country where piracy is a popular method for gaming.

At least the re-masters have something to do with the next-gen sequels. I for one want a MGS3 remake because I was unable to play back on the PS2.

-End of Line

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I'm not in the situation my argument is based on so I'm not speaking for myself. I'm speaking for those who have been forced to stay silent since they know Sony won't listen to them.

Sony have been blinded by the loyalists, that's why they can't see what their fans want any more.

Ri0tSquad2889d ago

Just like the people who re-purchase games like SF2 or MVC2 on XBL or PSN - they're all just "fanboys," no one is that stupid to fall for buying those games again. Uh huh....sure.

Really though, it's a re-release of a game(s) released YEARS ago, of course it's not going to sell MILLIONS of copies. Whether PS3 has BC or not, I think the re-release of games like GOW, Shadow of Ico, Sly, and more are great ways to re-introduce games to players that have missed out on them or wish to play them again but enhanced. They're also requested by fans. How many times have you heard of someone beg for a FFVII remake?

I don't see what's the problem with re-making a game; buy a PS2 if you're so against it. No one is forcing you to buy into remakes. They aren't stopping you or anyone else from playing the game off a $50 PS2 from eBay.

BattleAxe2889d ago

The GoW Collection was awesome, and I hope they come out with the MGS collection. Nothing beats playing PS2 games in HD with trophy support.

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Andronix2889d ago

I think remasters are a great idea as it gives people the chance to replay classics but with fresh lick of paint. If you don't want them don't buy them.

The God of War collection was fantastic quality. I haven't played the Prince of Persia games, but I am so looking forward to Ico / Shadow.

FAGOL2889d ago

I have'nt had any issues. I just finished playing SoT. Although I am playing the downloadable version from PSN. Maybe the disc version has a few problems.

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Shazz2889d ago

looking forward to the splinter cell collection but hoping for the day when metal gear collection gets announced.

Lirky2889d ago

Tomb Raider franchise started off on.. Playstation1.

So i think it should stay as an exclusive franchise but if it does not then uncharted will just be the far more explorated superior version of this genre with no competition. If tomb raider stays exclusive then uncharted and tomb raider can compete the 2 developers over topping each other with the exploration genre.

lastdual2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Technically, the first Tomb Raider was released on the Sega Saturn and PC before the PS1.

And being exclusive to one platform would not automatically make any game better...

Lirky2889d ago


"And being exclusive to one platform would not automatically make TR better..."

Yes it would make TR better look at previous exclusives from PC,360,Wii,And Ps3 they get exclusives that become successful.

lastdual2889d ago


Sounds like wishful fanboy thinking to me.

Would TR1 have been better if it stayed a Saturn exclusive, as was originally planned?

BoNeSaW232889d ago

But I quit playing after Angel of Darkness. I just think SquareEnix can't even stand in Naughty Dogs shadow when it comes to Action/Adventure games.
Was Underworld or Guardian of Light any good?

Lirky2889d ago


Ah, i see you said square-enix i forgot about that name lmao, Since i thought this was crystal dynamics if it was soley crystal dynamics then the quality would be very good gameplay + visual terms.

Its just i dont trust square-enix anymore after ffxiii taking out in-game content just to fit it on dvd9 discs.

tigertron2889d ago

Underworld was really good, it just came out at the wrong time (after Uncharted) and was launched into a recession which is a reason why it wasn't too successful.

TR Legends and Anniversary are excellent, so definatly play those because they make Angel of Darkness look poor.

xYokox2889d ago

Crazy fanboys, making stuff up. The games have nothing in common with Uncharted.

Have you even played say, TRA? It's all about puzzles plus hunting for relics and the such, where as Uncharted is a tps with little to zero that kind of elements. Seriously, the platforming is almost on the rails, in TR one wrong step/misdirected jump and you're dead. The level design is completely different, consider St Francis Folly, the whole stage is one huge puzzle. They're as much comparable as Bayonetta and GoW.

The Hunter2889d ago

Amazon removed it.. But I dont wait on this, I wait for the Splinter Cell collection :)

Vherostar2889d ago

TR blows SC out the water though in terms of sales it was so damn big when released they made a multi-million dollar movie out of it with one of the biggest feamle actors of the time because it was that damn huge. Sure it's lost a lot of it's luster lately but that's since Core Design stopped making the games. They made TR big and Crystal Dynamics ruined it.

blackburn52889d ago

First of all Sony ditched BC because everyone whined that the PS3 was too expensive despite all of its features.And now that they did it people still won't stop whining. Maybe if PS3 owners would complain so much and show some appreciation instead Sony wouldn't have to do things like this Secondly buying the upgraded HD, with trophies and all on one disc game is better then having to search for and buy three or four different PS2 discs especially if one of the games is no longer being sold or hard to find e.g. ICO. Lastly...... I WANT a Jak and Daxter HD remake triology NOW, with Jax X racing included. I have spoken Naughty Dog!!!

Lirky2889d ago

Imagine if Sony had the oppritunity to re-launch ps3 starting at 349.99 And the first next-gen tomb raider would of came and the saga would of had a nice standing trilogy + the uncharted franchise trilogies as well.

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