ITV Player, 4OD "This Week" on PS3

TSA Writes:
If British tax-dodging newspaper, The Guardian, is to be believed, we’re getting two new channels added to the PlayStation 3′s catch-up TV services. The liberal paper has spoken to several key players in the deals and is reporting it as an example of the convergence of new and old media.

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icuyesido2844d ago

It's about time we got these, I would use 4oD all the time on my laptop... should make things easier.

robep32844d ago

There was a Playstation add in the Sunday Papers that stated
ITV player and 4OD would be on the playstation soon!

ForzaGT2844d ago

BBC iplayer, nowfilms, now these two, its looking good now

outwar60102844d ago

dude isnt everyones sky box like inches away from the ps3 anyway it would be pointless to extra for a dodgy app when u get the full experience with ease

kharma452844d ago

Not always, you might have Sky in one room but not in the same one as the PS3 and multiroom may not be for some reason an option.

Plus you can use Sky Player if say you were at uni with your PS3 and your parents paid for a multiroom sub.

jjmustoe2843d ago


you have to pay £7.50 a month for Sky Player + 5.99 for Xbox Live Gold

multiroom is 9.99 a month + a free sky box

Si-Fly2843d ago

@outwar ; nope, I have a seperate games/geek out room to keep the GF happy, sky player would be a welcome addition!

redsquad2843d ago

My dad has hijacked the Sky box for another room (can't complain, as he's disabled!), so I get lumbered with Freeview. Sky Player on PS3 would come in handy!

kharma452843d ago

Ah but if Sky Player was to come to PS3 you'd be able to negate the ~£5 for XBL Gold.

outwar60102843d ago

but ps3 is a multi media hub powerhouse you can have tons of movies(i hav 43) all your music(976) 8it just seemed logical for me but oh well

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Vherostar2843d ago

Sky player means a second paid subscription = no tahnkyou. If you want paid stuff goto 360 theres plenty to spend your money on there. If you want Sky in another room get multiroom its cheaper than getting it on 360 and you get more.

Lucreto2843d ago

I seriously don't understand why people would give Rupert Murdoch their money while there is cheaper alternatives out there.

MaximusPrime2843d ago

Ignore 4cough. He is a typical dumb xbox fanboy. He was banned from official ps forums few years ago because of his trolls and dumb comments.

On topic, I don't want sky player because I got sky hd + in the main room. That is enough.

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Undeadwolfy2844d ago

w00t! Awesome and about time. M$ have a contract with sky so i cant see sky doing anything on the ps3 till the contract expires. Sony should do something similar with Virgin Media. Talk about your console wars.

Thecraft19892844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

ITV player uses silver light dose it not so would the ps3 not need update or the browser ?

kharma452844d ago

It may get a dedicated app like LoveFilm.

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The story is too old to be commented.