Kinect Hacked To Support 3D Occlusions

Some students at the École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne in Switzerland have hacked two Kinect sensors to create a human tracking system that perfectly controls for occlussions in dark and light.

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forcefullpower2902d ago

So they have done something the R&D department at sony did 6 odd years ago on the 3DV camera. WoW a great hack.


LoydX-mas2902d ago

"Bbbbbbbut Sony already did this before..."

So what? I guess it's their loss for not getting credit or good press out of it.

Besides, how much money did Sony spend on their R&D?

Looks like these guys spent $300 on two Kinect sensors and probably a case of Redbull and a few late nights hacking them to make this work.