Gran Turismo 5 AI Is Not Shite?

There’s been a video circling around the web showing off AI Comparison’s between Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3. Well you know what? There’s also this video.

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MicrocutsX22610d ago


You know what? I'll just go pick up this game and play it myself. That's the only way to clear this shit up.

BryanBegins2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Well people have to admit that Sony and PD are not doing a good PR job at all! If GT5 really has better AI and better damage (the rumoured level-40 thing), then they should say it!

I don't really understand the point of hiding facts like these, facts that could change the reviews. And please don't tell me any reviewer should have spent 200 hours into the game before reviewing. Yes they should play the game deeply, but at the same time, it's Sony and PD job to make sure people know the features of their game.

MicrocutsX22610d ago

Agreed. This really has messed things up for Sony and PD, I wish they'd make some sort of official statement or something to clear up the mess. Even then, the damage has already been done.

zootang2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )


Would you review a film without seeing the ending? It is their job to review games, they are getting paid.

BryanBegins2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

The comparison with a movie is a stretch. A movie takes 2-3 hours. How many hours of gameplay does it take to reach level 40?

Do you need to play World of Warcraft during 6 months before reviewing it?

Yes it's their job and as I've said, they should play the game deeply. But it's ridiculous from Sony and PD to not be clearer about some of the main features of the game.

On top of that, most (and I really mean most) gamers won't ever finish a game like GT5, so the reviews are giving a good-enough representation of what to expect of the game.

With your argument, it's like saying you need to wait for the extended-edition of the DVD with the additional 15 minutes footage before reviewing the movie.

Pollak2610d ago Show
zootang2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

A job is a job, a review is a review. How can you give an opinion on something you haven't reviewed?

MMO's should be reviewed to Max level otherwise the reviews will miss important content.

What would you take more serious? A Full review of said MMO or a review to level 10? I know which one I would read.

I think there is a gap in the market for detailed reviews.

cruncher_202610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I'm not agree with you...

Hidden fact make the game better... and I think this is how PD want you to feel about the game...

You start GT mode... Buy a small car.. level 0...
Level 1 ... try Karting
Level 2, 3... Nascar technique
Eventually you have a night race.. and then... A Rally Race and... and a Top Gear Race... and and... A rain race... and and... damage increase... and then Pit Stop...

You catch it... It's just go bigger and bigger... Probably all reviewers use the stupid arcade mode when the game is made to be a simulation and an experience...

So more you play more you have option and THAT make the game impressive...

Good job PD !!!

Perjoss2610d ago

regardless of how good or bad the game is (personally I love it) it was suicide to leave the good stuff for level 40, it takes many hours of play to reach 40, why cant gamers have these features from level 1? if PD was scared that the 'better' AI was too hard or the damage model was too hard then at LEAST have them both off by default but give us the option to enable... jeez.

thor2610d ago

Yeah it's one thing to have features locked out, but it's quite another to not even mention that they will be unlocked. The reviewers (if they didn't get to lvl 40) were probably convinced that they'd seen most of what the game had to offer. How were they to know? Maybe there's a feature that's unlocked once you get the platinum trophy, that nobody knows about yet. Should they get the platinum before reviewing "just to be sure"?

cruncher_202610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Maybe they don't care about review...

They know that they have a lot of fans and they don't need good reviews to sell... And anyway... they don't sell to reviewers but to gamers... It's arrogant but it's Sony... They believe in their product... They don't have to put 500 millions dollars to make people think that their product are good !!!

I played GT5, I'm level 14 and when people ask me what I think about GT5... I'm a better seller than every ads put together ;)

beardpapa2610d ago

they shoulda done what Kojipro did with MGS4 - invite the reviewers over and play thru the whole session.

theroadtoruin2610d ago

Gran Turismo doesn't need marketing, it markets its self.

Sony would rather put their money towards first party games and things like Move.

companies should take notes.

Hideo_Kojima2610d ago

How come reviewers played Mass Effect 2 till the end isnt that a 20 hours game?

Some reviewers spent about 30 minutes on gt5

ShinMaster2610d ago

I'm pretty sure they had have played those for 30 hours before reviewing them.

Pledius2609d ago


I see what you're trying to say but reviewers are getting PAID to review these games. it's their job so they should do it right.

here's a quote from GameInformer:

"Car damage has been requested for years, and now that it’s in there, I find the way it’s presented strange. You unlock it later in the game, and up until that point the damage is cosmetic and slight. Frankly, however, its absence in the beginning of the game only meant that by the time it started to matter, I was past worrying about when it would show up. I suggest you keep some money handy, because rebuilding your chassis isn’t cheap. Or better yet – don’t crumple your car in the first place."

one of faster released review and you can CLEARLY tell they played the game enough. I mean they used the word "unlock" at later level for progressive damage/ai.

if people were expecting easy job of having to only spend 2 hours into the game and review based on that; then they should lose their job.

Yamaguchi probably saw this and wanted to tell people that they need to start actually reviewing the game and gave most of mainstream review sites big middle finger.

I hope he never really publicly say "yep you 'unlock' AI/damage as you level up" I want this to remain "secret" so people have to actually buy or see it first hand instead of just looking through website.

only draw back is that the review scores won't be as good as it should but, I only use review as guidance so i think positive benefit outweighs negative benefit

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ryuzu2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I don't think you'll regret playing GT5 Micro.

As for Sony, well they don't advertise that much, they just don't seem as evangelical about this as MS is (neither are Ninty for that matter).

It's only MS that has tried to make this console gen a "holy" war, I just think Sony don't get it. It's just entertainment software, and for what you get, very good value, why spend more on marketing when word of mouth is just as good?


BillOreilly2610d ago

Yeah right i see tons of GT5 ads every day on tv. I see tons of move ads every day. More than kinect ads. Sony has far more commercials where MS goes for events and product placement like oprah and tv shoes where kids play kinect, justin bieber anyone? Sony probably spends as much as MS, they just dont brag about 500 mil spent.

deadreckoning6662610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

"You know what? I'll just go pick up this game and play it myself. That's the only way to clear this shit up."

And gamble 60 dollars? Why not just rent it? Thats what I'm doing.

@itchy18- Woah, who peed in your cheerios this morning? lol, I didn't say anyone was stopping me. Just providing a suggestion...relax.

@t-x9000- It's called a SUG-GES-TION. No one here is telling in anyone what to do with their money. Calm down.

@yewles1- Thanks for your help Sherlock. I took it as if he wanted to buy it because thats what I would do when I say I'm going to "pick up" a game. Good thing you came along, I was in great need of a person to reiterate obvious information :)

itchy182610d ago

then go ahead no one is stopping you dead!

2610d ago
yewles12610d ago

"pick this up" doesn't necessarily mean flat-out BUY IT...

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pixelsword2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Everyone knows why that happened in the first vid, right?

In the first GT5 vid, they placed the car just before a tight curve, so going into a turn at a fast speed would put those cars directly in that position, which should happen in Forza as well. In the second GT5 vid and the Forza vid they were on straight paths.

If you really want to see if Forza had the better AI or not, put a car right before a curve just like the first GT5 vid and you'll get the truth.

tucky2610d ago

In the first video, you clearly see Forza 3 cars trying to avoid colliding at the last seconds ... not the case in GT5.
The second video is not relevant since the cars don't change to avoid anything. Why ? Just because they choosed the only position where the opponents don't have to change direction to avoid any collision.

Conclusion: GT5 IA is really worst

pixelsword2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

That's the point, kid; putting it before a tight curve forces the AI to decide whether to keep the speed and position required to maintain the race or try to make the turn at the risk of hitting the car. GT5's AI obviously decided to either risk hitting the car or it was not capable of making that decision because the AI actually isn't that great, but it doesn't prove that it's worse AI than Forza, it just proves that in that situation, the AI in GT5 chose that particular route to take. You can't say GT5's AI is worse until it's proven that in the same situation Forza's AI would choose a decision that would be more successful than the decision GT5's AI made.

Moving at the last minute doesn't prove that it's good AI because no one does that in real life, they would move gradually in the first place a long time before approaching such a thing like actual people do, so that's not realistic, but that is what happened in GT5's second vid, so at least in a situation where coming in straight GT5's AI appears to be more realistic as far as avoiding objects on a straight line or a gradual curve.

A conclusion also can be made that the AI from forza can't see your car until it's up on it; which means it's on a path until it approaches your car and then it veers off track just enough to avoid you... but not enough to be a factor in winning or losing the race, which isn't that realistic if you want to split hairs. But again, it's not conclusive because it's not tested yet.

But neither can be proven unless in both instances the cars are placed in identical situations.

beardpapa2610d ago

tucky must be a bad driver in real life if he tries to avoid a collision at the last moment if he's able to see an obstruction in his path at more than 1000 feet away. And it's AI not IA.

Vherostar2610d ago

So the AI is good I bet you could easily make a video showing shoddy AI in Forza if you wanted you can with pretty much any game. Why do the haters keep up with these fake shots and silly videos? If they really didn't think that much of GT5 why spend so much time slating it?

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Balt 2610d ago ShowReplies(7)
liquidxtension2610d ago

so much for gt5 being on rails?

wicko2610d ago

The original comparison was a complete fail anyway, different tracks, different turns, different racing lines.. I can't believe people buy into that.

coldburn2610d ago

You know how my brother and I passed my drivers test is because of Grand Turismo. Must be because I'm asian...

itchy182610d ago

lol me too!! i started playing GT HD few years back and then bought GT5P last 2 years (thanksgiving) and then last year i got my drivers license. I never realized how fun driving is until i played Gran Turismo.

The Meerkat2610d ago


What a great word. But it does need to be said with a Scottish accent for maximum impact

AntsPai2610d ago

Sounds better with an Irish accent imo

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