Kinect's launch day bumps and triumphs

CNET: After the jump are some things, both positive and negative, that have cropped up in the peripheral's short existence on the market.

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JokesOnYou2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Sony spent 135 million in the 1st month alone just marketing their release of ps3 slim in Europe ONLY, who knows how much they spent for US and Japan, and how much they are currently spending, I doubt its 500mil but I bet its still quite a bit.

And remember thats just 135 million tell people they have a different version of a console everybody already knows exists, not even the launch of the next console. The only reason they don't spend as much as micro on ads is because they can't afford to.

What about the other deals they have with Coca Cola, Trejo, EA, Disney, etc. lol I guess you think Kevin Butler works for free to promote their products? Should they stop advertising now? Should they have spent that money on more games this holiday season? Or maybe a few extra devs to help get GT5 out on time, ps3 hasn't seen much since GoW3, huh? WHY AREN'T YOU CRYING ABOUT SONY NOT SPENDING THAT MONEY ELSEWHERE? lol Oh wait thats right move/ps3 advertising is free right?

I hear sonyfanboys talk as if they think all sony's money is just being used to make games, stuff like "Sony doesn't need to spend money on advertising they let the games speak for themselves", lmfao yeah right, sony even has recently come up with a NEW ad campain just to counter kinect.

GameScrub2760d ago

Don't let the trolls/children/fanboys get to you. They are not listening anyways, just doing it to get reactions. I actually visit this site and their comments as more of a blind study on how people think.

Considering that some are 25+ years old with family and children and still act like they are 12 makes it for interesting read.

To tell you the truth there are a couple of people that I look for in their comments and yours is actually one of them. I like alpha-males post as well and some others.

Don't let them get to you

Captain Tuttle2760d ago

Nah, those fanboys don't get to JoY, he just likes calling them out. It's weird to see him with 4 bubbles though, he's always got one. JoY makes good posts, always backs up his arguments with hard facts.

edgeofblade2760d ago

Don't let the ignorance get to you.

That's my job.

avengers19782760d ago

There biggest bump is that it didn't sell out day one, That will make it harder for them to reach there 5 million Kinects sold before the holiday come true.
Second big bump that Dance Central is the best game for it right now...I hate dance games(it is my opinion and I know enough people like them to justify them)

offdawall2760d ago

I actually hope kinect does do well because 500 mill in marketing is jus rediculous when they could have used that money to make some fresh new IP's or buy a few studios .. Hmm or maby even an xbox live price cut instead of that price increase

Shazz2760d ago

how many units do microsoft need to sell just to generate the 500 mill back im just curious is it about 3.5 mill

2760d ago
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