A Newb’s Guide to MAG 2.0 in the key of MOVE

Platformnation: If you listen to the podcast you know that my obsession lately has been MAG on the PS3 using the Move controller. If you don’t listen to the podcast you now know that from the sentence before this one. In any case, I love MAG, and you should too, but if you want to jump in you have quite a bit to learn. One of the things that makes MAG so attractive – its depth – is also what is the most punishing aspect to anyone picking up a controller (or dildo with a brightly colored ball on the end). I am by no means a MAG expert. Hell, I’m not even that good. But I have put in about 45 hours over the last three weeks and I’ve gone from clueless newb to kinda knowledgable semi-vet and it all happened recently enough that I feel like I might have a pretty decent perspective on the questions new players have. So, lets do this thing…

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blusoops2813d ago

"Using the Move in MAG is the most fun I’ve had controlling a console shooter probably ever.  It takes a good while to get used to it, but the precision aiming is far greater than any analog stick could ever offer."

Totally agree with this quote!

Also very informative article.

raztad2813d ago

100% agree. I wish most shooters supported MOVE. Hell, I'd buy Black Ops (not being myself a CoD fan) in a heartbeat if it supported MOVE at least in the story mode.