F.E.A.R. 3: Scary new Halloween trailer released

Warner Bros. release a new scary Halloween trailer for F.E.A.R. 3.

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RedDead2582d ago

SO what the hell is the story this time? I thought pointman and Fettel were enemies, and I thought Fettel was with Alma? So who is pointman with this time? Alma?

Iceland2582d ago

Doesn't look scary. Actually it looks pretty boring.

RedDead2582d ago

I agree, but I sill wonder how the story ended up this way...

Corepred42582d ago

this game will be good. just like the second one. the first one i couldn't play through it all. creeped me out. idk.

deafwing2582d ago

... for the single player is always well put together
the story has gotten kind of ... out there since the second game
but they should end the series already ... it's getting kinda mangled at this point :/

I'll gamefly it though! :-D

number472582d ago

Fear2 became a shooter.
Fear3 looks exactly like fear2 -- with less horror.

Fear1 had some amazing scares, and a bit much gunplay. It would have been great to keep a balance, but they lost out to making it like every other shooter out there.

jimbojones992582d ago

every FEAR game has the same storyline effectively, that's why they use the same boxart design. doesn't look scary though...

Blaine2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

but this isn't it.

Those old scare tactics are too predictable to be even remotely scary anymore. "Oh, I wonder why the camera is pointed at a random corner with seemingly nothing there while the music dies down--wait for it--oh, there it is, the monster that's supposed to make me flinch." Try harder.

*This comment applies solely to the trailer.

TheMutator2582d ago

mehhhh where is my Condemned 3???????????

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