Crysis mod shows the most powerful nuke in any FPS game you have ever seen

A new Crysis mod implements a weapon, whose destructive power is incredible.

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Tommykrem2820d ago

All I wanted to see was a tree or two falling over. Instead we get a summer breeze. I'm sure it was highly radioactive, but there's not much fun in Chernobyl anyway.

Spydiggity2820d ago

are you kidding?!? show me another engine that could do this

nickjkl2820d ago

they should combine some elements from the killzone 2 nuke and the crysis nuke to get a very good nuke

the growing from the killzone 2 nuke

and the lighting and effect from the crysis 2 nuke

Xfanboy2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

The last realistic open world shooter is dead!!!

I love consoles??

claney2820d ago

The Killzone 2 nuke had a better distance effect i think with the dust and stuff blasting past you, but nothing can compete with super PC mode graphics

ProjectVulcan2820d ago

Because sometimes, a knife just isnt enough

Tommykrem2820d ago

This engine can make the trees fall! The nuke wasn't strong enough and/or too far away!

FanboyPunisher2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

KZ2 looks like shit compared to this, stfu seriously, keep your shitty HDR/Bloom/Makup effects, i'll keep real graphics.

This is in game fools, KZ2 was a cut scene that wasnt even playable..sit there and watch.

nickjkl2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

wow fanboy this is why i hate some people on this site

we werent talking about graphic we were talking about style and killzone 2s nuke had style since it actually used the images from the first nuker ever used

the closest thing your getting to the crysis nuke on killzone 2 done real time is this

but i didnt compare that one did i

NewsForMe2817d ago

Too bad that was cinematic and not in game.

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Sarcasm2820d ago

Cool effect, but it'd be cool if they can shoot it 2 feet away and see what happens. lol

imvix2820d ago

Haha i was wondering the same thing.

Bolts2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Stuff like in this the PC gaming world are too routine be considered as news.

Killzone3Helghast2820d ago

the average console gamer can't afford a PC that's good enough to run Crysis so why would they wanna watch videos of it. My PC that I bought this year can run all games to date with max settings and x4 AA to say the least.

Substance1012820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Affording a PC is much cheaper then affording a Console. Average console gamer already has a PC this is a fact. Recent benchmarks from suggest even if a quad core is running at 2.4ghz its enough to keep a GPU like 480GTX on it toes at resolutions like 1080p with everything maxed out. Hence lesser GPUs in the range of 100-150usd would require far less CPU power.

Hence even if that PC is 3-4years old it just needs a GPU upgrade a 70-80usd gpu of today will perform 2x better then any console. A 150usd GPU is more then able to play Crysis in high settings 1080 maxed out.

Fact is the average console gamer has no clue, how cost effective and superior gaming on the PC can be and yea the 300usd price tag for consoles deludes them. Little do they realise later on the costs to to play on console are absurd, example higher cost per game, expensive hardware accessories etc.

InTheZoneAC2820d ago

I'm not wasting money for simply the best graphics limited by the game developers.

I play a game, beat it or play it online. I don't care about mods in any game, but GTA. So too me, paying for the fastest processor and graphics card with the memory to help the ridiculous resolutions and framerates JUST for improved graphics is not worth it IMO.

And on top of that, I get most of my favorite games only on the PS3.

Substance1012820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )


You dont need the highest end tech to game on PC. In fact you pay more per game when it comes to the PS3.

As i mentioned above if someone already has a PC, even if it is 3-4yrs old it only needs a GPU upgrade worth 100-150usd to play the latest games in 1080p (thats cheaper then getting a console). Next even the games on PC are cheaper. Infact wasting money is exactly what you are doing on consoles.

Well yes there are some exclusives the PS3 does have, PC has its own exclusives.

Sarcasm2820d ago

Ah the PC vs Console debate goes on.

Why cant people understand there's pros and cons to both sides? For example, you put in a PS3 or 360 game, you know it's going to work without any compatibility issues.

So far with my recent PC gaming experience, I've had issues with Fallout New Vegas (most recent) with low FPS when seeing NPCs, so of course I have to spend time researching a fix. Another was with Mafia II in which Physx was completely unplayable until I found a fix to remove the clothing physx. Before that, I had a problem with Batman AA randomly closing itself (and still does it time to time for god knows why.) And another issue with Left4Dead 2 in which it also randomly closes. I constantly have to research fixes for damn near every PC game I play. The only game that's given me no headaches on the PC was Crysis, Dead Rising 2, and Dirt 2.

But don't get me wrong, obviously the advantage of the PC's is that I can play everything 60fps (with VSYNC) with max settings and the games run beautifully. Infact, I'm looking foward to more PC games than anything else including the PS3.

But you still cant deny that there's the matter of convenience on the consoles that is hard to get with the PC. And there are some damn good console exclusive games like Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Gears of War 2, Forza 3, etc. etc. And on the PS3 side it still has amazing graphics that isn't a far cry from PC graphics (aside from resolution) and the fact that I love to play it with 7.1 surround on my 46" Samsung. Most of my PC games I only play on a 19" screen and I don't get the full experience. Yeah I know I can hook up the PC to the TV, but it's not plausible given the space in my room.

So let's go back to being real gamers and enjoy gaming for what it is whether it's on a console or a PC.

DigitalAnalog2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

"Affording a PC is much cheaper then affording a Console."

Unfortunately, PC's are not "universally" priced. According to your specs, it would cost me 2 arms and 3 legs where I come from. More than enough to buy a 250GB 360S, a PS3 Slim and a Nintendo Wii. I could use the extra change to buy 3 exclusives of each.

So there goes you logic of "PC <=== better value" then consoles.

To end that point, I have a 9600GT, 4GB RAM and a 2.8GhZ C2D processor that costs me USD$1,000 that can barely run "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PART 1".

BTW, I live in a country where imported goods... are tax-free.

-End statement

AKS2820d ago

@ Sarcasm

I'm having difficulty understanding how plugging a PC into your TV or receiver hogs up extra room. I just placed my PC next to my entertainment center and plugged it into my receiver via HDMI. I'm also confused by you reasoning for putting a 7.1 surround system into a room with such limited space. By nature 7.1 needs a decent amount of space. It sounds like you are doing something wrong with your setup.

Substance1012820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )


Atleast with PC you are able to fix those issues, its not like consoles dont have issues. Heard of people complaining on the PS3?

Dragon age crashes after firmware updates (something that you just must do, there are no choices, like on PC you may go back to previous drivers if a new driver causes problems).

Mafia 2 running on PS3 with no grass at 25fps

i have even heard of people complaning about the uncharted crashing after some firmware updates.

Lets not even talk about the Xbox and its RROD issues.

Its your issue if you are limiting the PC to a 19inch screen and then complaining about it, i personally game on 3x 24 inch screens in eyefinity. Guess what, 3 24inch screens cost cheaper then a HDtv, and provide 3x higher resolution.

Sorry but consoles being problem free is a thing of the past, The games you mentioned on PC run perfectly for the most of the people.


I was refering to most of the people, who live in places where prices are normal. Which is the case for the majority of the people on this site. Even in regards to your setup, if you could import a GPU like a GTX460 which cost about 200usd it would be beastly. If thats out of your range then even a ati5770 at 150usd is an awesome solution.

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