"Call of Duty: Black Ops" adds Canadian Chiriqui to cast is reporting that Treyarch/Activision’s upcoming Cold War shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops is adding more star power as actress Emmanuelle Chiriqui has been confirmed as part of the voice cast.

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B-Real2062856d ago

I would live inside of her if I could.

Static-X2856d ago

This is the first time a female character has appeared in a COD game is it not?

(Apart from the Russian sniper in the first one)

Oldman1002856d ago

There was also a female soldier in call of duty 2 during one of the russian missions.

Beahmscream2856d ago

Hope there is room for me too.

NJShadow2856d ago

From one of her first movies...

"It's a whale!"

"But... I like Zebras!"

If anybody gets that reference, you'll earn an agree + bubbles. =)

Son_Lee2856d ago

Isn't that from Snow Day?

NJShadow2856d ago

You are correct sir, lol. As a man of my word, here's a bubble vote. "Well said", lol.

Son_Lee2856d ago

Figured I'd test my knowledge, so thanks. Nice avatar btw, I play Mirror's Edge like I'm in a relationship with it (I am).

DazeLokrotan2856d ago

So um, do we get to shoot her. I'm gonna nail her full of lead.

FAGOL2856d ago

I'd love to use my LMG on her ;)