Virtual Console Update Is Live

If you're coming down from your post-Super Metroid buzz, this week's Virtual Console update might ease your pain. Actually, the Genesis classic Ghouls 'n' Ghosts might induce some. For 800 Wii Points, you can hop into Arthur's heart-patterned boxers and tear through a variety of ghastly beasts. Also, you can die repeatedly. And when you're finished, you'll learn that you have to do it over again to see the real ending. Pain. For the RPGers out there, Capcom's Breath of Fire II is also available for 800 points. Explore a magical land filled with dozens of memorable characters and enemies. Finally, the NES follow-up to Contra, Super C, is up for 500 points. Run and gun to your heart's content-would you expect anything less from the series, really?

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WilliamRLBaker4125d ago

Breath of fire would be good but only if they released the enhanced better GBA versions....cause the originals compared we're travisities of continuety and translation.