Resolution: Hidden Object roundup

Resolution's Jen Allen writes: Casual gaming and in particular, hidden object games are probably a bit of a strange and foreign land for those reading this. I’m assuming you’re the stereotypical gamer, one who knows what they like and is pretty informed when it comes to all things gaming related. However there are still many people who don’t really have much experience in gaming, or simply like a slower paced game. Enter the hidden object genre, a game that the CoD addict might turn their nose up, but that still has its place in the world. I’ll admit it now, I quite like them. They’re simple and are the modern day equivalent of the puzzle books I used to take with me on long journeys. Crucially for the purpose of this article, they potentially make a fantastic inexpensive present for that relative you’re desperate to introduce gaming to. So, without further ado, a brief round up on the selection provided.

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