Hacker denies COD : Black Ops leak reports, claims he was “cheated”

GamingBolt : Much to the relief of Activision and Olin, the same guy has disclosed that he does not possess a copy of the game and that it’s unlikely that it will be leaked.

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gameseveryday2891d ago

So what was the earlier mess about and why did Acti claimed that this guy is a robber?

cyborg2891d ago

did took off a copy from the factory but looks like either he sold it back to activision or the cops got the better off him. A similar incident happened with MW 2 too. Hope, this is true and the game's not leaked.

Red_Orange_Juice2891d ago

the game will be leaked this way or another before release date, there is no need to make articles about it

mjolliffe2891d ago

Either one, but it doesn't matter now. As long as the game doesn't get leaked now. There's just no point.

TrevorPhillips2891d ago

Like seriously couldnt you wait 3 weeks for the game

cyborg2891d ago

getting it for free and not helping activision get any richer than they already are. If this was leaked, it would have spelt doom for acti's bank account.

I am happy though, that still doesn't justify piracy

jony_dols2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Activision is the one company i which i'd advise people to pirate their games.

They epitomize everything which is rotten in the modern gaming industry.

If your broke and can only afford to buy one game this November, pirate Black Ops and spend your money on a small indie game instead and give to devs that actually need your money. Rather than Activsion who don't even appreciate it, and then wave it in your face.

Baka-akaB2891d ago

it wouldnt be smart to advise it anyway . Chances are people are just getting hooked or annoyed enough to wish playing it online like all of their friends

Acquiescence2891d ago

I fuckin' hate hackers, but I hate Activision even more.

pr0digyZA2891d ago

Treyarch is a good company, so why should they lose their jobs over Activisions, because I can guarantee that Activision heads wont get pay cuts if the game is leaked to millions of people.

jony_dols2891d ago

Yes, because i'am sure Activision & Treyarch aren't going to break even on Black Ops.

EscoBlades2891d ago

Sounds like he is covering his ass. We'll see if this holds up within a week.

codyodiodi2891d ago a message board a reputable source for news? The message board doesn't even contain a link to the other message board they took a picture of. Then the picture included doesn't even show the persons name on the forum.

Something doesn't add up with these stories, I think the leak is still coming, from the same people too, until I see a better source for this.

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