ASG Review: Is this The PS3 Controller we've been waiting for? Part II...the verdict

A few weeks ago, we previewed the Nyko Raven wireless PS3 controller. We received a ton of feedback on our initial thoughts, some were optimistic, some were, well....not so optimistic. Many PS3 gamers (notice how we said many, not all) have been looking for an alternative to the Sony DualShock 3 controller, the majority of these gamers prefer the Xbox 360 controller layout. Most third-party controllers that try to give these gamers looking for an alternative have failed, or have succeeded in some areas and failed in others. We hoped the announcement of the Raven would finally give us that alternative. So sit back, relax and continue reading to see what the results were of our review of the Nyko Raven:

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kmr19772828d ago

seems like a Good alternative for those who want to use the Xbox 360 controller on their PS3.

-Ikon-2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Awesome controller got one myself

EDIT : LOL at disagrees. I'm 6'3 and this bigger controller fits in my hand better. I'm most impressed with the analog sticks and triggers..

dont knock it till you have tired it. I honestly think the analog sticks / triggers are better than DS3.

skyblue142132828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Now you know why I laugh at unbiased and truthful comments getting disagrees, lol.

nickjkl2828d ago

im 6 1 and ave no problem with the ps3 controller fitting into my hands sooooooooo-

HolyOrangeCows2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Still playing the "Mah big manly hands" card, guys?

Just goes to show how few of you actually own both systems.

talltony2828d ago

And the d3 is not too small and actually i am tired of hearing that excuse. If you dnt like the d3 dnt say its because it is too small for your hands. I never believe that.

iHEARTboobs2828d ago

In that picture they do look similar in size. But when I go from the 360 controller to the DS3, the DS3 does seem smaller. I actually feel the 360 controller is a little too bulky for me. Or maybe i'm just use to the DS3.

NegativeCreepWA2828d ago

Cow would do us all a favor and just shut up already, some of us have been waiting for a good alternative for a long time. oh, we must not own PS3s because we think the controller is too small. Seriously unless I over bend my thumbs the joysticks are resting half way down my them and instead of griping the controller I'm holding it with my finger tips.

Just because it works great for you doesn't mean it does for every one.

Zydake2828d ago

I'm 6'4" and I'm perfectly fine with the DS3.

ECM0NEY2828d ago

im 6'2" my hands get cramped on the DS3

DirtyLary2828d ago

Do you notice any input lag. Seems all 3rd party controllers have input lag. That's killer for fps games.

corneliuscrust2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

It's a matter of ergonomics!

Notice how hand size doesn't seem to be the common factor when people say that the controller is or isnt comfortable to them?

If you've spent a lot more time with the PS style controllers, you hands have most likely gotten used to the lower thumb positions needed to operate the analog sticks.

The dual shock was not built for the best ergonomic feel, it was built to meet certain aesthetic criteria.

It wasnt built with dual analog sticks in mind!

The design came from the PSX controller which had no analog sticks.

That controller had you playing with the DPAD and face buttons. When the Dual Shock was introduced, Sony did what they could and put the two analog sticks lower since the real estate for the face buttons and DPAD was already taken. This gave the controller a very pleasing, symmetrical look.

The problem is that it is not natural to have your thumbs angled in so sharply while trying to make fine motor movements.

For this reason, Sony TRIED to rectify this with the PS3 "boomerang" controller

This was a great move (IMO) on Sony's part because they could keep much of the same layout as the DS controllers, but your thumbs would be facing forward (which is much more natural and often more comfortable) rather than bent inward towards each other at such an extreme angle

People, however, voiced that they much preferred the aesthetics of the old dual shock style controllers even though Sony tried to explain that the new controllers would be much more comfortable. People had gotten used to the old design. Sony, wisely, went with the popular opinion.

There is NOTHING wrong with liking the DS design over any other controller design. But we do need to acknowledge that it is a product of form over function. Aesthetics over comfort.

TLDR; DS controllers were not designed ergonomically, but it is just a matter of getting used to them. They will start to feel more comfortable the more you use them :)

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MaximusPrime2828d ago

"we" as in former xbox gamers.

tacosRcool2828d ago

Still the Dualshock3/six axis is still the best controller around

NotSoSilentBob2828d ago

Best controller for 360 fans who want to get a Ps3. Anyone who wants to use a 360 giant controller just needs to get an XCM converter and use it that way.

vickers5002827d ago

I've been thinking about getting that, but I'm unsure about trying it out because it might have input lag. Do you know if it does or not?

cochise3132828d ago

who the hell is "we"? i love my DS3, and have no intentions of changing it.

guru95352828d ago

Maybe if you read the article first, you would see he's referring to individuals who are looking for an alternative....if you're fine with your DS3, then this controller is not for act as if your mad because some people want an alternative....

cochise3132828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

no one will buy this garbage. no one wants an "alternative"

guru95352828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Lol....youre a close minded fool then......not everyone likes the fact, your not even worth wasting my bubbles on.

@reply in point....

cochise3132828d ago

why are you here? don't you have some kinect articles to attend to?

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