The Kinect Launch Portfolio

Major Nelson: "With the launch of Kinect coming up next month, today we have announced that we will have 17 controller free games available as part of Kinect’s launch portfolio. Here is the complete list:"

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DelbertGrady2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Lots of games. Just a shame more than half of them are fitness or dance games. Still nothing I'd be excited to try out. Maybe some of the sports games but there's nothing I'd pay for to have a go at. Nothing unique at all.

EA SPORTS Active 2 (EA SPORTS), $99.95 ERP (U.S.) (Includes Heart Rate Monitor)

Re-he-heeeally now??

deadreckoning6662774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Yeah, it makes sense to wait for a larger variety of games to come out before you decide to purchase it.

EDIT: Yikes...I didn't know these games were gunna be 50 bux each. I was thinking more like $40. Mm..hope it turns out to be worth it for the people who buy it Day 1.

"Cool line up of hardcore games.

Oh wait.."

LOL, if you want hardcore games...there are plenty of em on the 360 and PS3. Why do you care about Kinect having hardcore games, when PLENTY of hardcore games are already available on consoles? I smell a hater..not a gamer. If you REALLY cared about hardcore games...ud be playing Halo: Reach or waiting in anticipation for LBP2, instead of here bitching about Kinect.

@joydestroy- Both Kinect and Move are expensive. Kinect games are far too expensive IMO(50 bux is a joke). And Move is expensive due to the $30 navigation controller and because it has no standout launch game.

toaster2774d ago

Cool line up of hardcore games.

Oh wait..

joydestroy2774d ago

a lot of gamers were hating on the Move because of how expensive it was after you buy everything versus the Kinect's price. factor in $50 dollar games versus $40 and you start making up that differential...

Mr_Bun2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Why is it that the only one that looks interesting (Fighters Uncaged) doesn't show f all on the box.

Edit: Nevermind...if you click on the title it shows some box art

Garnett2774d ago

And here we thought EA was our best friends...

EA and Activision both suck.

joydestroy2774d ago

exactly my thoughts. mostly sports games and that one by EA for $99.95 REALLY stood out because of that price tag holy crap.

SpideyNut2774d ago

...for ALL platforms, just like EA:SA1.

lowcarb2774d ago

Maybe just maybe these games might be fun and only realized through actually playing them. 40 bucks would of been my guess as well.

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plb2774d ago ShowReplies(4)
Jay-Tech2774d ago

The Fight: Lights Out "Younger Retarded Brother" On Rails

Did that help you at all?

-Alpha2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

How can a fighting game be on rails?

Malice-Flare2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

not really, i need to try both these games at the store. then, i'll decide...

i haven't seen Lights Out in actual too so there, thanks anyway...

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