PSP has run its course: time to let it die

Play-mag: "Sony will soon stop selling PSP development kits. This doesn’t mean the death of PSP, as they’re being replaced, but it got me thinking: maybe is should mean the death of the handheld."

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gersh2896d ago

These types of articles are annoying.

toaster2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

It's inevitable. PS3GO was a failure no matter how much you try to sugarcoat it and journalists are taking advantage of that fact. Better to let it die now than go through another experience with a disaster from Sony.

Edward-Kraken2896d ago

Not yet, I'm still waiting for Ghost of Sparta, Tactics Ogre, 3rd Birthday and Dissidia Duodecim.

ABizzel12896d ago

The PSP is on it's way out the door. There are a bunch of games in development, but I think those are the final games for the handheld. You don't hear about too many new PSP games and for the most part the games shown at E3, Gamescon, and TGS were already announced titles for the PSP.

And with Nintendo moving on to the 3DS, you can bet Sony won't be far behind with a PSP2/PSPhone. So the PSP has run it's course, and it is dying, but it's not quite there yet.


Your comment was a failure. The PSP has sold well over 60 million handhelds that is not a failure.

Nov. 2011

PS360fanboy2896d ago

Farewell PSP, you've done your job and you'll be missed along with some great games we could play on you, my favorites being Super Mario 64 and Conker's Bad Fur Day.

TheLastGuardian2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

The PS2 ran it's course but it's still selling great. Maybe Sony will stop manufacturing PSPs in a year or 2 but The PSP will never be dead to true sony loyalists like myself. Even til this day I have very first console, a PS1 that stopped reading discs 10 years ago and I still keep it on the bottom shelf of my entertainment center.

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GWAVE2896d ago

PSP will eventually fade away, yes, but it's not dying yet. Not with Patapon 3, Monster Hunter Freedom 3, God of War, Dissidia 2, and more coming out. This year we had Peace Walker, Valkyria Chronicles 2, and Phantasy Star Portable 2.

TekoIie2896d ago

I personaly dont have a psp. It is holding well but not strongly. I would like sony to maybe even get some DS games onto the handheld and get some Dev's to make games exclusively for the handheld and support it near as much as they do the ps3

8-bit2896d ago

As a long time supporter of the PSP I agree with this article. I traded in my PSP about a year ago and I am waiting with my money for a PSP2.

visualb2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

wow =P

PSP has outsold the PS3 and 360 (almost both put together)

fine, its not DS, but then again, the DS is the most sold "console" of "this generation", so not bad for PSP to have done what it did

PSP hasn't run its course, once the PSP2 is released, then this will be true.

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joffa812896d ago

the person who wrote the artical is a moron and has no clue at all.

the truth is the PSP has had the best 2 years of its live with software releases starting last year with Gran Turismo and since then we have had a load of AAA titles like Motorstorm AE, LBP, Assins Creed, MGS Peace walker, GOW Ghost of Sparta, patapon 3, Modnation Racers, ace combat, the list goes on and on.

the PSP still has lots of life in it and there is quite a few great games to come, sure a PSP 2 will be announced but only when Sony feel its needed and for the near future the PSP is capable enough of heading off the gimmick that it the 3DS especially to serious gamers anyway.

firefoxprime2896d ago

I respect the psp. Regardless of how awesome those games are....they're still just ports/spin offs.

AAA titles? yeah.
um..."ports" of AAA titles.

raztad2896d ago

I dont know what ports are you talking about, most PSP games this year are unique to the platform. let us name VC2 as an example.

The 3ds will get PORTS of old games, MGS:Snake Eater, RE5 and Street Fighter4 and I dint see anyone complaining.

FragGen2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

@raztad: Agreed. You could easily dismiss MOH, COD, Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption, etc, as "ports" on the PS3if you were dumb enough to buy into the idea that we're only counting *original* titles as "good" titles on a system.

Since when has has having a great title ported to a platform a bad thing? That's a stupid ass rule.

Also, a lot of games for the PSP like the AC, MGS Peace Walker, Ys Seven, Persona 3, Army of Two, Phantasy Star Portable 2, Ace Combat Joint Ops, and SOCOM FTB3 are all from this year and are all PSP specific versions. Same with the upcoming God of War title which is guaranteed to be epic.

Fact is, the PSP had a great year but people who are critical of the system WANT it to die so they still say "it's dying" or "it has no good games" because they simply want it to be true not because it actually is true.

The only way you could honestly claim the PSP had no great titles this year or that the PSP has only a few good games is if you really had no idea what was going on with the system, which would make you IGNORANT instead of DISHONEST!

joffa812896d ago

to call them ports is wrong as they are not a direct copy of the home console versions with cut down graphics to fit on a PSP. most of the PSP games are original even though they share a title of a home console game. Spin off is technically correct but most PSP games warrant being called original rather than being tainted as a "spin off".

firefoxprime it sounds like you need to remember that a portable game has different requirements to a home console version and as such a direct "port" will not work. due to the nature of what a portable games console is portable games need to easily accessible and easy to pick up and play hence you dont seem to value them highly.

if you want a home console experience on a portable console then forget it its never going to happen so stick with your PS3 and 360. if you want a quick game on the move from a franchise you know and love without the silly gimmicky touch screen nonsense then that is what a PSP game is all about.

himdeel2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

...and it's only because every year I've STRONGLY consider buying one some new version comes out. Likewise I don't want to purchase one only to learn of a PSP2 that will inevitably drop. So my apprehension about buying a PSP is one cup fiscally conservative (cheap) and two cups scared of the new iteration.

TekoIie2896d ago


Because as much as it pains me to say. No one cares about nintendo when it comes to the console war. Its SONY vs microsoft. No one really wants to include Nintendo cuz they are considered for the casual.

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TheLastGuardian2896d ago

@ raztad Yea, Why does the DS get off the hook so easy. Everyone complains that the PSP only has 1 analogue nub but the DS doesn't even have 1. The 3DS does but the PSP2 will still have 1 more analogue nub than the 3DS.

@himdeel Too late now, the PSP2 is almost here. You really missed out. You better hope the PSP2 has Backwards Compatibility so you can catch up on some games you missed.

JayD-1K2896d ago

plus, i wounder if he feels the same about the DS? hell every time you turn around there's a new version of it on the verge of coming out.

MGRogue20172896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

... Leave my PSP alone!! >:l

I still get alot of fun out of it despite it's age.. Plus it has custom firmware on it & I can watch movies & browse the internet.. It's a great little device. :)

FragGen2896d ago

This. They're great devices. The PS1 Classics alone are enough to keep someone gaming for years and many of them really are true classics. And the PSP is a great entertainment device, movies, music, comics, the whole nine yards. Such a great little system. My kids LOVE theirs to bits and I've had one myself since day one!

mantisimo2896d ago

...carbon copy of my household bought mine day 1 and both my boys love their psp's.

Thing is I love the feel, look, smell and if I've been eating buttered popcorn while playing, the taste as well, but I always always missed the 2nd analogue.

Give us this in psp2 and watch out DSI.

TheLastGuardian2896d ago

I used the PSP for multimedia when It first came out but that was before I had a laptop for internet and an Ipod for music. Now I only use my PSP for gaming. The PSP has been great over the years when it comes to great handheld games. The PSP isn't dead. The best is yet to come with God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta.

Blaster_Master2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Cmon guys, its 2010. There are prepaid cell phones that have more features and better graphics than the psp. I understand that you guys got the psp from your mommy on christmas, but its time for you guys to grow up, stop being in denial, and realize the psp is an outdated turd that needs flushed down the toilet. They are marketing it to little kids now man. Cmon people!

Simco8762896d ago

Troll sounds hurt?

At least Sony is trying to bust into the handheld market. Nintendo's only competition....and competition makes things better!

Blaster_Master2896d ago

lol, im not being a troll, i just want a better handheld, I wasn't event thinking about the 3DS, but since you wanna go that route, at least it has Chrono Trigger, Dragon Warrior 9, 3-D graphics and pictures. But its not about that, I really just want a sick ass psphone with psn integration and 720p graphics. Im done with this ould technology, and im done with this comments section, nothing but a bunch of little kids crying about having to get rid of their security blanky. lol

FragGen2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

You can save the condescending straw man arguments for people dumb enough to listen. Meanwhile, go ahead, and rock your "fart app" on your iPhone and tell yourself you're gaming. I have an Android smartphone running @ 1GHz and my PSP runs RINGS around it as a gaming device.

If you only game on a portable system for five minutes while waiting in line somewhere a phone is great, but it's hardly even a DECENT gaming platform for more than 30 minute sessions. So, if I'm planning to game any significant time in a portable context the PSP goes with me.

It's currently the best handheld on the market for hardcore style portable gaming whether you like it or not. <shrugs>

Blaster_Master2896d ago

Just cause its the best doesn't mean its good. BTW, i dont rock no Iphone, I got sprint, the Evo has 4g wireless hotspot, Im saying that mobile gaming can do alot more than it is, the psp has been around almost as long as the ps2, and the ps4 is coming out in the next few years already, yet yall are still satisfied with having a psp? Im not a fanboy by any means, if anything Im a Sony supporter, but i really just want a mobile gaming device that does it all. My phone does, why cant Sony make a gaming hand held console that does even more?

NexGen2896d ago

FragGen is right...none of these new portable devices "run rings" around the PSP. I have a Samsung galaxy s - same spec for spec as your evo, as well as an ipad laying around. They aren't gaming devices....they're devices with games on them. Have you ever attended a midnight release for Bejeweled or Angry Birds? These new androids and apple devices play Pogo "mom-friendly" games, not real games that we spend our money on.

Face it - we are not the ipad/android gaming market. PSP and 3ds and our home consoles do that and that's the way we like it. Let moms and grannies play their Wii bowling and ipad solotaires, as this isn't what we do. Unless you tend to get overexcited about solitaire, there are no modern gaming equivalents on these devices.

Don't get me wrong - monkey island remakes are cool on the ipad, but they're cheaper on xbl / psn. I don't think we'll ever see Uncharted 2 quality or precision on an ipad/android though....maybe Uncharted Cake Mania or Master Chief Diner Dash, but nothing with some meat on it as we have with PSP, 3ds, 360, or ps3.

raWfodog2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Opinion piece is strictly opinion. The fact is that I still game on my PSP everyday on my commute back and forth from work. I still have my original 1000 from when it first launched. I was never interested in the DS, nothing against it, my kids have it. It's just not my thing. If it's not yours, so be it. But don't speak as if your opinion is absolute. It's funny that you liken us to little kids but it sounds like you're the one that still has some growing up to do. There are ways to disagree with people instead of your condescending, holier-than-thou attitude...

joffa812896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )


sorry but im a 28 year old man who has children of his own so "mommy" didnt buy mine for me.

i agree there is phones out there with higher resolution graphics i know i own an iphone 4 but the PSP is a games console where gaming on a mobile phone is far to casual.

the PSP is the as close to a true home console gaming experience as you can get. a mobile phone no matter how much you sweeten the graphics is still a mobile phone game than can finished in 2 hours or less. also graphics are not the ultimate gamebreaker as playability is the most important aspect of any game.

Seraphemz2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

How old are you?
You're in here talking about a bunch of kids..which if you're an sad. Cause you come off really immature.

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